Foods That Help Building Blood

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 6:46 pm
By:Tony Williams


Watermelon is one of the greatest fruits to eat. Not only does it taste great, it hydrates the body and acts as a natural diuretic, reducing water retention. It also helps to increase blood flow and build blood count. No one has ever had to force feed someone watermelon for their health.

Watermelon-Foods That Help Building Blood


Blueberries are known for being one of those superfoods, fill with antioxidants that fight cell damage from free radicals in the body. Second only to the acai berry, blueberries also increase blood cell count and blood flow. They are great any time of day, as a snack, in yogurt, or in salads.

Blueberries-Foods That Help Building Blood


Grapes are not only tasty and refreshing, they also improve blood flow and increase blood count. A great fruit that doesn't negatively affect blood sugar, yet helps build blood cells for more energy and a healthier body. Grapes make a great snack, or dessert after dinner. Cut the stems on each branch for easy access to a cute little bunch.

Grapes-Foods That Help Building Blood


As the old adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it's very true. Apples are a great fruit to help improve blood flow in the body and increase blood count. They are a low glycemic fruit, so there is no spike in blood sugar, and they fill the belly, making it a great mid afternoon snack.

Apples-Foods That Help Building Blood


Most people only eat figs in the cookie, Fig Newtons, but eaten as a fruit, they are quite delicious and really good for you. A great source of iron, they give your blood cells what they need to replicate. Healthy, rich blood provides energy to your body and is the lifeline to all your organs.

Figs-Foods That Help Building Blood


Potatoes are high in iron as well. A breakfast of potatoes and eggs is a great way to start the day with a healthy helping of iron, protein, and choline. Your body will thank you by giving you more energy, and move vitality. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates but provide enough nutrition to counter it.

Potatoes-Foods That Help Building Blood


Dates are high in iron and help supply oxygen to the blood. This as essential to your blood as oxygen is to your lung. Anemic people have a low blood count, which makes them feel week and can cause a whole hosts of other problems. Give your blood a boost by snacking on some dates.

Dates-Foods That Help Building Blood


Raisins seem to pop up on every good food list you can think of. They are great at building blood cell counts, and provide fiber for keeping the intestinal tract clean. They are also high in antioxidants, for a healthier body, protecting against cell damage and disease at the molecular level.

Raisins-Foods That Help Building Blood


You know what they say about oysters, they increase virility. How do they do that? Well, virility has a lot to do with blood flow, and oysters are high in iron, which supplies oxygen to the blood, making your blood richer and more abundant. A great snack before love making.

Oysters-Foods That Help Building Blood


Asparagus is a great source of iron for supplying oxygen to the blood and also for keeping blood strong. Sure it may make your urine smellier than usual, but what's a little smelly urine compared to loads of energy and stamina? Filled with antioxidants, it is also great for warding off disease in the body.

Asparagus-Foods That Help Building Blood


Almonds are another source of iron. If you don't eat meat, stock up on almonds and much on them for a snack. Iron is essential for healthy blood and building up blood cell counts. It is important for energy and many bodily functions. Almonds are great tasting, high in fiber and actually slimming if used in moderation.

Almonds-Foods That Help Building Blood

12.Red Meat

While red meat has gotten a bad rap for it's fat and cholesterol, lean red meat can provide the iron you need to increase blood count in the body. Often vegetarians can get low on iron and become anemic as a result. A lean cut once every two weeks should do the trick.

Red Meat-Foods That Help Building Blood



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