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BakLOL is a service to provide humor and laughter to its followers without disturbing the privacy of its users. BakLOL in its own discretion can interrupt or block this service without any notice if condition arises. BakLOL in its own discretion can modify these terms of services at any time without any prior notice. By using this service you understand that you are above the age of 13 years, the content on this website may not be suitable for minors or children below the age of 13 years. This Agreement is void where prohibited by law, and the right to access the Site is revoked in such jurisdictions. BakLOL does not make any claims to use of services and the website internationally legally, Local government laws will be applicable where ever necessary in such conditions to individuals using the website, It is advised to use the website in accordance to local country laws as we cannot control if the user uses BakLOL in accordance to their cyber security laws. BakLOL is available 24x7 to individuals but there may be service interuptions in cases beyond the control of admins such as maintenance, upgrades, server usage etc. We try our best to serve you anytime with funny pics and fun.


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Copyright Claims

We respect the copyrights of other internet entities and its usage. As the content is only user submitted, we cannot control all the information which is shared, Its strictly against our TOS to copy and share content from other blogs or website, so if any such situation arises, its advised to report such images, BakLOL staff will do their best to take down any such content shared from other websites upon verifications. Please use our contact form to report any such copyright claims.