What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 10:28 am
By:Tony Williams


Sushi is a delicious treat that most of us enjoy, but for pregnant women this is a no no. Sushi can contain parasites or bacteria, that a woman, who isn't pregnant, may be able to kill off, but a pregnant woman is more likely to develop food poisoning from this type of meal.

Sushi-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

2.Raw Shellfish

Raw shellfish, such as oysters and clams, can contain a bacteria called Vibrio. This can be harmful to both you and your baby, so these foods are best avoided until after delivery. When consuming shellfish, cook to 145 fahrenheit. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the health of your baby.

Raw Shellfish-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

3.Raw Cookie Dough

Since raw cookie dough is made with raw eggs, it is important for a pregnant woman not to consume. The dough may be contaminated with salmonella from the raw eggs. If you are making cookies, don't lick the spoon or eat the batter, as tempting as that might be. Avoid ice cream that contains cookie dough balls.

Raw Cookie Dough-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

4.Soft Cheeses

Soft cheese may be your favorite, but when you're pregnant it is best to avoid them. You are at higher risk for food poisoning when carrying a child. Common cheese like brie and feta can contain Listeria or E. coli, causing harm to you, but even more importantly, passing through to your baby, causing miscarriage, or health problems after birth.

Soft Cheeses-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

5.Unwashed Vegetables

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but not when they are unwashed. Produce is typically covered in pesticides, harmful chemicals that can be bad for both you and your baby. They can also contain harmful and disease causing bacteria. Be sure to wash your vegetables, preferably with a fruit and vegetable wash.

Unwashed Vegetables-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

6.Vitamin A

Studies show that too much vitamin A consumption can cause birth defects. The recommended dosage, by the Institute of Medicine, is 2,565 IU per day. There are ways to get vitamin A naturally, or you can take vitamin supplements, but be careful not to go over the recommended dosage, especially when pregnant.

Vitamin A-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy


Too much caffeine is never a good thing for anyone, but for pregnant women it can mean the difference between life or death for their fetus. Too much caffeine consumption during pregnancy could lead to miscarriage at any point in the pregnancy. The stimulant crosses the placenta and can affect your baby's heart.

Coffee-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

8.Undercooked Meat

A pregnant woman is more susceptible to bacterial food poisoning than those who are not pregnant. And food poisoning affects your unborn baby. Raw meats, poultry and eggs, can contain harmful bacteria, such as e coli or salmonella. Be sure to fully cook all your food, and avoid pre-stuffed meats at the supermarket.

Undercooked Meat-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

9.Unpasteurized Juices

Unpasteurized juices, that you may find on a farm, can contain E. coli. In order to avoid contamination, and harm to both you and your baby, boil for at least one minute before consuming. Contamination happens on the farm due to animal manure coming in contact with the fruit used in the juices.

Unpasteurized Juices-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy


It is best to avoid all kinds of alcohol, from beer to wine to spirits. While one drink may be safe, it is wise to just stay away for the entire nine months of your pregnancy, to ensure a safe delivery and healthy baby. However, if you do manage to make it to full term, alcohol consumption during your pregnancy can lead to birth defects.

Alcohol-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

11.Large Fish

Seafood is a great food to eat, containing omega-3 fatty acids and protein, but some fish can harm your baby. Large fish, such as swordfish, that contain high levels of mercury can pose a damage to your baby's nervous system. Other fish to avoid is tuna, shark, king mackerel and tilefish.

Large Fish-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy


Hot dogs, sausages, and luncheon meats may contain listeria, which can be deadly to your baby. If you must consume these foods, be sure to reheat to 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating. Even if the package says that they are precooked, make sure to heat to kill off any bacteria.

Hotdogs-What Not To Eat During Pregnancy



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