15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 4:06 pm
By:James Fraser

Unfortunately, some people on this planet are so dense that their stupidity starts leaking from their mouth while they talk. We don't specifically hate brainless people, but they irk us a lot when they try to propagate idiocy. Hey, we were trying to sound formal, but the title of the topic actually meant, "dumb people getting burned!" We are pretty sure this topic's going to oddly-satisfy all you readers who enjoy seeing dumbheads getting owned. Read the hilarious comebacks that charred the pride of these 15 stupid people to ashes! 
1.And Some Ointment to Treat Burn

She didn't see that comment coming! She would have hoped to see an ocean of likes and comments on her post. That guy has come from nowhere, and delivered an ultimate comeback. We guess that would deeply hurt her. Now, this is what we call a 'burn'.

And Some Ointment to Treat Burn-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

2.This Hilarious And Best Comeback By A Girl

Unfortunately, too many boys find it fashionable to send d*ck pics of theirs to girls. If you are a girl, not only do you have to deal with an ocean of unsolicited c*ck photos, but also the stupid, pointless, and good for nothing sexual aggression of some men in the form of sexting. Apparently, a thickheaded chap is trying to be dirty with a girl inquiring her if she wants to sit on his face! The girl gave him a side-splitting retort that reads as, "Why? Is your nose bigger than your d*ck?" Bwahaha! If I were her, I would have told the guy, "No thanks, I already have a toilet in my home!" 

This Hilarious And Best Comeback By A Girl-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

3.This Silent Retort on Feminazi

Read this and we bet you will laugh your ass off! This feminazi got right reply thrown at her by a random unknown man. You can bash men, but make sure you don't have people like him around when you say silly/stupid things. Imagine the expression on this lady's face when she reads that retort.

This Silent Retort on Feminazi-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh


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