Strangest Historical Inventions

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

History is always fascinating if you take a deeper look at things that were common during those times. Some of the early inventions were not only very useful but also out of the box. Here are 15 Strangest Historic inventions ever.
1.Ice Cube Face Pack for a Hangover

The next time you decide to go out drinking with your buddies; don't throw away your ice cubes. In fact, ask the bartender to load up your glass with them, as you'll need them later. In 1947, this invention is said to have aided many in recovering from a hangover.

Ice Cube Face Pack for a Hangover-Strangest Historical Inventions

2.Stroller To Protect Babies from Gas

Fear can make people so some asinine things and this invention proves it. This box on wheels was created in 1938 to prevent babies from gas during a chemical warfare. While it's nice to think of the children during times of despair, it does not make any sense. Putting a child in an apparatus like this will harm them quicker than gas.

Stroller To Protect Babies from Gas-Strangest Historical Inventions

3.Portable Bridge

If you're one of those guys who would use his coat to cover up a puddle so your sweetheart can walk across it, then you might want to take a trip back to the 1920s. This contraption is a portable bridge that can also extend. The concept is genius, but no one wants to lug around a heavy bridge on their travels.

Portable Bridge-Strangest Historical Inventions

4.Smoke Two Digs At Once

Chain smokers would love to get their hands on a device like this. Instead of waiting until you finish one cigarette, this invention allows you two smoke two cigarettes at one. Doctors around the world must cringe at the sight of this. However, even without this invention, a person can simply just hold two cigarettes in their hand at once.

Smoke Two Digs At Once-Strangest Historical Inventions

5.Revolver That Takes a Picture Then Shoots

A picture will be worth 1000 stitches thanks to this invention. In 1938, someone thought it would be a good idea to create a revolver that takes a photo and then fires a bullet at you. So in essence, you get to take one last great photo before meeting your maker.

Revolver That Takes a Picture Then Shoots-Strangest Historical Inventions

6.Play That Piano While lying Down

You may think this is an oversized typewriter, but then you'd be wrong. This 1935 contraption was built so people could play the piano while lying in bed. Piano players are normally poised, but this invention makes anyone who uses it look lazy. It will be a gruesome outcome if just one screw comes loose on this invention while someone is playing it.

Play That Piano While lying Down-Strangest Historical Inventions

7.Glasses That Allow You to Read While Lying Down

Reading while lying down can be a lot of strain on both your neck and eyes. This 1936 invention solves that issue. These glasses allowed people to read comfortably while lying on their backs in bed. Though they aren't the best looking spectacles in the world, they serve their purpose.

Glasses That Allow You to Read While Lying Down-Strangest Historical Inventions

8.Hat Radio

Don't get caught out in the rain wearing this hat. This interesting invention came about in 1931. This invention closely resembles a tea pot, but it is essentially a hat with an integrated radio. Since this hat radio, inventors have created headphones with built-in radios. Of course these headphones aren't as eye-catching, but not everyone wants all eyes on them when they walk down the street.

Hat Radio-Strangest Historical Inventions

9.Land And Water Bicycle

This looks like a solar system on wheels, but's actually an abstruse bicycle. This isn't a sound invention and that's more than likely the reason why it is now obsolete. The energy it would take to pedal through water could be used to mow the lawn or trim the hedges instead.

Land And Water Bicycle-Strangest Historical Inventions

10.Umbrella for Your Cigarette?

Cigarette smokers would love to have a device like this even today. In 1931, this little doohickey was created to allow people smoke in the rain without having to worry about their cigar or cigarette being put out. It would make more sense to just use a human-sized umbrella to cover both you and the cigarette, but inventors have to make money somehow.

Umbrella for Your Cigarette?-Strangest Historical Inventions

11.A Family Bicycle

The family that bikes together stays together. This odd-looking contraption was known as a Family Bicycle. Created in 1939, the bicycle has a level for four family members to sit on and "pedal." A bicycle like this would never make it down one road on a busy street, but it would make for a great exhibit at a museum.

A Family Bicycle-Strangest Historical Inventions

12.Face Cones for Weather Protection

The world has come a long way since 1939. These cone guards were invented to help protect individuals from cold weather. The cones are not insulated, so the cold air can still seep in and give you the chills. An extra scarf wrapped on your face would work ten times better than this invention.

Face Cones for Weather Protection-Strangest Historical Inventions



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