Strangest Historical Inventions

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

History is always fascinating if you take a deeper look at things that were common during those times. Some of the early inventions were not only very useful but also out of the box. Here are 15 Strangest Historic inventions ever.
10.Umbrella for Your Cigarette?

Cigarette smokers would love to have a device like this even today. In 1931, this little doohickey was created to allow people smoke in the rain without having to worry about their cigar or cigarette being put out. It would make more sense to just use a human-sized umbrella to cover both you and the cigarette, but inventors have to make money somehow.

Umbrella for Your Cigarette?-Strangest Historical Inventions
11.A Family Bicycle

The family that bikes together stays together. This odd-looking contraption was known as a Family Bicycle. Created in 1939, the bicycle has a level for four family members to sit on and "pedal." A bicycle like this would never make it down one road on a busy street, but it would make for a great exhibit at a museum.

A Family Bicycle-Strangest Historical Inventions

12.Face Cones for Weather Protection

The world has come a long way since 1939. These cone guards were invented to help protect individuals from cold weather. The cones are not insulated, so the cold air can still seep in and give you the chills. An extra scarf wrapped on your face would work ten times better than this invention.

Face Cones for Weather Protection-Strangest Historical Inventions