Strangest Historical Inventions

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

History is always fascinating if you take a deeper look at things that were common during those times. Some of the early inventions were not only very useful but also out of the box. Here are 15 Strangest Historic inventions ever.
7.Glasses That Allow You to Read While Lying Down

Reading while lying down can be a lot of strain on both your neck and eyes. This 1936 invention solves that issue. These glasses allowed people to read comfortably while lying on their backs in bed. Though they aren't the best looking spectacles in the world, they serve their purpose.

Glasses That Allow You to Read While Lying Down-Strangest Historical Inventions
8.Hat Radio

Don't get caught out in the rain wearing this hat. This interesting invention came about in 1931. This invention closely resembles a tea pot, but it is essentially a hat with an integrated radio. Since this hat radio, inventors have created headphones with built-in radios. Of course these headphones aren't as eye-catching, but not everyone wants all eyes on them when they walk down the street.

Hat Radio-Strangest Historical Inventions

9.Land And Water Bicycle

This looks like a solar system on wheels, but's actually an abstruse bicycle. This isn't a sound invention and that's more than likely the reason why it is now obsolete. The energy it would take to pedal through water could be used to mow the lawn or trim the hedges instead.

Land And Water Bicycle-Strangest Historical Inventions