Strangest Historical Inventions

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

History is always fascinating if you take a deeper look at things that were common during those times. Some of the early inventions were not only very useful but also out of the box. Here are 15 Strangest Historic inventions ever.
4.Smoke Two Digs At Once

Chain smokers would love to get their hands on a device like this. Instead of waiting until you finish one cigarette, this invention allows you two smoke two cigarettes at one. Doctors around the world must cringe at the sight of this. However, even without this invention, a person can simply just hold two cigarettes in their hand at once.

Smoke Two Digs At Once-Strangest Historical Inventions
5.Revolver That Takes a Picture Then Shoots

A picture will be worth 1000 stitches thanks to this invention. In 1938, someone thought it would be a good idea to create a revolver that takes a photo and then fires a bullet at you. So in essence, you get to take one last great photo before meeting your maker.

Revolver That Takes a Picture Then Shoots-Strangest Historical Inventions

6.Play That Piano While lying Down

You may think this is an oversized typewriter, but then you'd be wrong. This 1935 contraption was built so people could play the piano while lying in bed. Piano players are normally poised, but this invention makes anyone who uses it look lazy. It will be a gruesome outcome if just one screw comes loose on this invention while someone is playing it.

Play That Piano While lying Down-Strangest Historical Inventions