Strangest Historical Inventions

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

History is always fascinating if you take a deeper look at things that were common during those times. Some of the early inventions were not only very useful but also out of the box. Here are 15 Strangest Historic inventions ever.
1.Ice Cube Face Pack for a Hangover

The next time you decide to go out drinking with your buddies; don't throw away your ice cubes. In fact, ask the bartender to load up your glass with them, as you'll need them later. In 1947, this invention is said to have aided many in recovering from a hangover.

Ice Cube Face Pack for a Hangover-Strangest Historical Inventions
2.Stroller To Protect Babies from Gas

Fear can make people so some asinine things and this invention proves it. This box on wheels was created in 1938 to prevent babies from gas during a chemical warfare. While it's nice to think of the children during times of despair, it does not make any sense. Putting a child in an apparatus like this will harm them quicker than gas.

Stroller To Protect Babies from Gas-Strangest Historical Inventions

3.Portable Bridge

If you're one of those guys who would use his coat to cover up a puddle so your sweetheart can walk across it, then you might want to take a trip back to the 1920s. This contraption is a portable bridge that can also extend. The concept is genius, but no one wants to lug around a heavy bridge on their travels.

Portable Bridge-Strangest Historical Inventions

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