12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 8:42 am
By:James Fraser

FML moments! We all go through those unfortunate moments now and then. We can do little or nothing to prevent such "fuck my life" moments from happening, and we usually have no other choice but go through the period of exasperation until the horridness of the situation slowly wears off. As long as they are not ours, FML moments are funny to read! What you are about to read now is a bunch of such ill-fated yet hilarious "fuck my life" stories, as shared by people on the internet, especially those who are on Reddit and FMyLife. Here are 12 best FML confessions from them.
7.This Embarrassing FML Moment

"Today, my girlfriend dumped me by text for another man while I was at work. While I worked the drive-thru, a customer noticed me choking back my tears and said: "I'd be cryin' too if I worked your dead-end job." FML" 
That's a bit rude from the customer because no one in this world should be judging or criticizing people based on their jobs. Remember, getting a low-paid job isn't an easy thing at all. People still need to attend an interview and impress an employer to get dead-end jobs. 

This Embarrassing FML Moment-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

8.This Awkward Situation

"I was having sex with my girlfriend doggy-style and noticed a piece of toilet paper had been "left behind." I had such a bad internal conflict about whether to tell her or to remove it myself; I went limp. She started crying and accused me of not being attracted to her anymore. FML"
We are technologically advanced enough to destroy our entire planet with our firepower, but can't design a cheap toilet paper that doesn't leave bits of it after wiping! Sad! 

This Awkward Situation-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

9.This Badass Ex-Girlfriend!

"While riding the bus, I saw my ex-girlfriend get on. Despite several seats being open, she explicitly sat next to me. I was at first happy, thinking she might want to make up. Nope, she instead blocked me in with her bag and spent the entire time showing me pictures of her new lover's dick. FML"
Poor guy should have just stood up and walked away from her. As a man, seeing someone else's dick sucks on any day, and if that man happens to be an ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, things just go from bad to worse. 

This Badass Ex-Girlfriend!-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry