12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 8:42 am
By:James Fraser

FML moments! We all go through those unfortunate moments now and then. We can do little or nothing to prevent such "fuck my life" moments from happening, and we usually have no other choice but go through the period of exasperation until the horridness of the situation slowly wears off. As long as they are not ours, FML moments are funny to read! What you are about to read now is a bunch of such ill-fated yet hilarious "fuck my life" stories, as shared by people on the internet, especially those who are on Reddit and FMyLife. Here are 12 best FML confessions from them.
10.Never Ever Share Soap!

"My roommate told me that when he takes a shower, he likes to swipe the bar of soap in between his butt cheeks, "like a credit card." I use that soap on my face. FML"
Sharing soap is the worst idea on any given day, even if you are sharing it with someone who is very close to you, like your spouse or partner. People do rub soaps everywhere on their body, so it isn't just a matter of awkwardness; it's a hygiene concern as well. 

Never Ever Share Soap!-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

11.This Honest Girl!

"While sitting in a bar, I offered to buy the drunk chick sitting next to me a drink. She was a lot more inebriated than I thought because she looked at me with bloodshot eyes and cheerfully responded, "There's a rotten smell in my vagina!" FML" 
Well, we aren't sure if she was really a girl with nasty privates or a smart girl who thwarted a lothario with a hilarious claim, but the whole situation sounds hilarious. Poor boy! We bet he would have left the table like a snail slipping into its shell! 

This Honest Girl!-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

12.This Awkward FML Moment

"I heard my sister masturbating in her room. I took the dog around the block to get out of the house, and I came back to see her leaving her room. She had my electric toothbrush in her hand. FML"
We guess all he could do was buy another brush and store it safely! We don't think he was plucky enough to confront his sister over the abuse of his electric toothbrush in the hands of her, like a typical brother!  

This Awkward FML Moment-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry