12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 8:42 am
By:James Fraser

FML moments! We all go through those unfortunate moments now and then. We can do little or nothing to prevent such "fuck my life" moments from happening, and we usually have no other choice but go through the period of exasperation until the horridness of the situation slowly wears off. As long as they are not ours, FML moments are funny to read! What you are about to read now is a bunch of such ill-fated yet hilarious "fuck my life" stories, as shared by people on the internet, especially those who are on Reddit and FMyLife. Here are 12 best FML confessions from them.
4.This 18th Birthday Present!

"Today, it's my 18th birthday. My parents got me a $5 gift certificate to iTunes. It came for free with the iPhone they just bought my sister for her middle school graduation. FML"
This person deserves a much better gift than a $5 iTune gift card. Even if he or she isn't a favorite kid of their parents, they are still out to have some love and respect from their family. Let's hope that the person had introspected themselves and changed their life thereafter. 

This 18th Birthday Present!-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

5.This Depressing FML Moment

"Today, I decided to tell my mom about my choice to wait to have sex until after marriage. Coming from a very Christian family, I thought she would be proud. Instead, she laughed and said, "Is that your excuse for not being able to get laid?" and walked out of the room. FML"
That's one funny mom, isn't she? Mothers know about their children very much, so we keep faith in her words and conclude that her son or daughter was just struggling to get laid! If they genuinely wanted to stay pure until their marriage, we need to appreciate their will and determination! Needless to say, it's too hard to control sexual urges!

This Depressing FML Moment-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry

6.That Hurts!

"Today, I was the only one in an elevator when an attractive girl came in, talking on her phone. She told her friend, "I have to go, there's a cute guy on this elevator." Before I could even react, she turned to me and said, "Sorry for lying, I really wanted to get off the phone with her." FML"
Life doesn't always give you lemons. Sometimes, it throws lemon juice right into your eyes and laughs like a maniac while you cry. This is one such case because that guy absolutely minded his own business, and his life just wanted to lampoon him in the worst way possible! 

That Hurts!-12 Funny Fuck My Life Moments That Will Make You Cry