Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 1:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Apple - $600,000

In 1984 Apple played up on the famous book entitled, 1984, showing people breaking with conformity by thinking for themselves with a Macintosh. Airing during the Super Bowl, the ad is a classic that had no idea how big Apple would become less than twenty years later, and how Big Brother might be alive and well.

Apple - $600,000-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

2.Go Daddy - 2.4M

World Wrestling Entertainment star, Candice Michelle, made a technology ad sexy when she took on the role of a resource person in a Congressional hearing for a Go Daddy commercial. The ad aired in 2005, capturing a much younger and hipper clientele and propelling it to the number one slot for domain registrations.

Go Daddy - 2.4M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

3.Volkswagen - $3M

Volkswagen's Get In. Get Happy. commercial features a caucasian guy with a Jamaican accent. He provides words of wisdom for his fellow workers in the elevator, at the vending machine and in a meeting, all using his sunny Jamaican disposition. Soon he turns his fellow workers happy as they all drive in a Volkswagen.

Volkswagen - $3M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now


4.Ferrari Shell- $4.5M

When Ferrari teams up with Shell they made history with their $3.9 million dollar ad. Highlighting older Ferraris as well as their newer models, they captured every Ferrari lover out there. Ferrari lovers are a rare breed and they are all for the class and design of the vehicles.

Ferrari Shell- $4.5M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

5.Honda - $6.5M

Honda is known as one of the more affordable cars, but their ad was not. At $6.5 million dollars, Honda pulled out all the stops to show the world just how great their cars are. The showed different parts of the car all falling together into the ultimate perfect car in the end.

Honda - $6.5M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

6.Pepsi - $7.53M

The 2002 Superbowl ad featuring Britney Spears went down in history and propelled Pepsi to superstardom for the younger generation, along with the pop singer. Pitched to those who think young, Pepsi became the drink of choice for the demographic that drinks soda the most. The success of the ad caused Pepsi to retain Britney for future endorsements.

Pepsi - $7.53M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

7.Carlton Draught - $9M

Carlton Draught's $9 million dollar ad featured skydivers in the hundreds, all jumping from a plane along with a giant Carlton Draught .The beer landed on two Jaguars, smashing them along with another car, as a follow up to one of their most successful ad campaigns name Big Beer, that made them $36 million dollars in sales.

Carlton Draught - $9M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

8.Chrysler 200 - $9M

The comeback ad for Chrysler cost them $9 million dollars as they promoted the Chrysler 200. Starring rapper Enimem, the ad played up the return of Detroit, the Motortown, once the richest city in America. They brought the American auto industry back to its feet, with more and more car dealerships reaping the benefits.

Chrysler 200 - $9M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

9.Aviva Insurance - $13.4M

When unknown actors named Walter Willis, Eleanor Nancy Gow, Vincent Damon Furnier, and Richard Starkey appeared in an ad for Aviva Insurance to help them change their name from Norwich Union, they did more than help rebrand the company. They became well known celebrities named Bruce Willis, Elle MacPherson, Alice Cooper, and Ringo Starr.

Aviva Insurance - $13.4M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

10.George W. Bush - $14.2M

Three years after the 911 attacks George W. Busch was running for office again. It was 2004 when he ran an ad featuring a girl who lost her mother that day. The $14.2 million dollar commercial nudged him over the top by tugging on our heart strings and electing him for a second term in office.

George W. Bush - $14.2M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

11.Guiness - $16M

Guiness made history by not using special effects in their $16 million dollar ad in 2007. Their simple ad took place in a remote village in Argentina with an elegant display of 6000 dominoes falling, one by one, to reveal the draught beer. Viewers did wait and then purchased, making this a highly successful ad campaign.

Guiness - $16M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now

12.Chanel - $33M

In 2004, Chanel spent $33 million dollars starring Nicole Kidman. The love story video was directed by Baz Lurhrmann and took place on a gigantic Chanel logo. Lurhrmann had already made Kidman famous his film, Moulin Rouge, and struck gold again with this ad. So did Chanel when it raked in the bucks for his ultra luxury brand.

Chanel - $33M-Most Costliest Advertisements Till Now



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