24 Best "Yeah Science Bitch" Memes Ever Made

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 10:43 am
By:Tony Williams

Yeah, science - bitch. We know you just heard Jesse saying those words in your head! But did you know he didn't use the word bitch in the show, though. Jesse Pinkman says "Yeah, science" when Walter White told him that he no longer needs pseudo to cook meth. The internet changed the phrase to "Yeah Science, Bitch" and have been using it as a meme to express new inventions, discoveries, or science revelations.  Scroll down to see 24 best "Yeah Science, Bitch" memes that are absorbing. This topic subtly talks about some fascinating science facts and jokes, so don't miss reading it!

#24 They Will Do What?

Yep some scientists are a bit on the mad side as this idea proves. Surely they are just having a joke and are not giving this some serious consideration because what purpose would it serve?

They Will Do What?-24 Best "Yeah Science Bitch" Memes Ever Made

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