How To Never Get Sick Tips

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:17 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Get alkaline

This may sound strange, but you need to get your body as alkaline as possible as this has been shown to create an environment in your body that germs and bacteria can just not cope with. An alkaline body, or just a diet that is quite neutral and not too acidic, leads to your immune system working perfectly and when that is the case it is more likely that you will not get sick.

Get alkaline-How To Never Get Sick Tips

2.Do some exercise

By working out on a regular basis you are going to lower the chances of you getting sick. What happens when you work out is that your body will be pumping healthy blood cells around your body and they are fantastic at fighting back against germs, so do some exercise and feel the benefit in more ways than one.

Do some exercise-How To Never Get Sick Tips

3.Avoid stress

Stress can do so many bad things to your body that it is always going to be in your best interests to avoid as much of it as possible. Stress wears you down and it can hamper your immune system leaving you wide open to picking up those germs and making you sick as a result.

Avoid stress-How To Never Get Sick Tips

4.Avoid being close to someone who is ill

If your partner is ill with the cold, then even though it may be difficult to do it is important that you avoid kissing them. If you do kiss you are just leaving yourself wide open to picking up their germs, but kiss them as often as possible when they are healthy as this can build up your immunity and you actually help each other to be healthier.

Avoid being close to someone who is ill-How To Never Get Sick Tips


This may sound strange, but it has been shown scientifically that listening to music can actually give you a bit of an immune boost. Scientists have shown the power of positive thinking with staying healthy and music encourages those thoughts, so it makes sense to listen to it on a regular basis.

Music-How To Never Get Sick Tips

6.Vitamins are important

Taking things such as Vitamin C or Vitamin D, as well as multivitamins to make it easy, is not some old tale, but instead it does make a difference. These vitamins will give your body everything it needs to fend off germs and infections, so it is not just a ploy by companies to make money.

Vitamins are important-How To Never Get Sick Tips

7.Salt water

There is a pretty good chance that you will have already tried gargling with salt water when you have had a sore throat and felt the benefit of it. However, did you know that doing it on a regular basis can actually result in you preventing yourself from getting a cold? This salt water stops the virus from taking hold, so do it as part of your daily routine.

Salt water-How To Never Get Sick Tips

8.Stay hydrated

One key thing that you must do, especially in winter when bugs are flying around, is to make sure that you stay hydrated at all times. Your body needs to be hydrated to tackle any infection or illness that you may have and it also needs it to fend off those bugs, so keep drinking water in order to try to avoid getting sick.

Stay hydrated-How To Never Get Sick Tips

9.Eat probiotic yogurt

A lot of illness can come from bacteria and it does mean that you are best to look at ways to combat that bad bacteria and one way is to eat probiotic yogurt. This stuff is crammed full of good bacteria and it has also been shown to boost your immune system.

Eat probiotic yogurt-How To Never Get Sick Tips

10.Wash your hands

Wash your hands before picking up any food or putting your hands to your face because there is a very good chance that you have some kind of germs on there from being out and about. Every single time you put your hand on something there is a chance of somebody with an illness having already been there and if you do not use an anti-bacterial hand wash, then the chances of transferring those germs to your body are huge.

Wash your hands-How To Never Get Sick Tips

11.Sleep well

If you do not get enough sleep at night, then you are going to discover that your immune system is going to be quite run down and when this happens you are leaving yourself wide open to picking up some kind of illness. The problem here is that if your body is run down, then it does not have the energy to ward off any infection, so sleep well to avoid this.

Sleep well-How To Never Get Sick Tips

12.Avoid germs

This is probably one of the key ways to avoid getting sick, but the problem is that you can easily spend half of your day avoiding people that are sneezing or coughing around you. If somebody is about to sneeze, then turn your head away from them to avoid getting it full in the face and you lessen your chances of picking up their bugs.

Avoid germs-How To Never Get Sick Tips



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