How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 5:00 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Appreciate What You Have

Beyond anything else, love your breasts. No matter what they look like, big or small, they're fantastic. Walk with pride and it will show through. Stand straight and claim your breasts as a unique thing of beauty. The more you love your own breasts the more your man will too.

Appreciate What You Have-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

2.Even Them Up

If you're like some women, you have one larger breast. To make your breasts look beautiful, choose a bra with a cup size that fits your larger breast well, the purchase a silicone breast pad to fill the other cup on the smaller breast side. It's a sure fire way to look equally sexy on both sides.

Even Them Up-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

3.Slim Your Waist

Slimming the waist add extra oomph to your breasts. We all know that exercise is the best way to accomplish this, but if you need a quick fix for an event, Spanx type undergarments are perfect for pulling in the waist and to look great under form fitting clothes that hug your curves.

Slim Your Waist-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

4.Wear Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are a flattering style for most all breast sizes. It cinches the waist, accentuating the breasts. From long sleeve to short sleeve to sleeveless, there are many possibilities in the wrap top, but they all provide the same service ... a great cleavage. Worn with a good push up bra, you will look amazing.

Wear Wrap Tops-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

5.Wear Support When You Run

Supporting your breasts when you run, or do any type of bouncing exercise, is very important. And, not just any bra will do. A sports bra is made to keep your breasts in place when you move in a vertical up and down motion. Without this support the jouncing and weight of your breasts will pull and stretch the skin, resulting in sag over time.

Wear Support When You Run-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

6.Wear a Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bras work wonders for those of you who are too big. Women with smaller breast sizes don't realize that very large breasts are not the party they're cracked up to be. If you can find a supportive bra that minimizes, it can take years off your look, and alleviate any back pain.

Wear a Minimizer Bra-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

7.Use Make Up

Applying make up in your cleavage will illuminate and shade, giving you the appearance of a bigger breast size. Illuminators draw the eye, and bronzers create shape. Use them both, or one or the other, to add depth and curvature, as well as sexy, glowing skin. Remember healthy and vibrant is sexier than just being big.

Use Make Up-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

8.Improve Your Posture

Posture is everything. It shows confidence, takes pressure off your inner organs, and makes your breasts look fuller. When you slump or slouch, your breasts get buried in your rib cage. When standing up straight, with your shoulders pulled back, your breasts are positioned where they are naturally supposed to be.

Improve Your Posture-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

9.Build Your Pectoral Muscles

By building the underlying muscle that supports your breasts, they will appear bigger and will be perkier, two things most women want. Think about when you see a guy who works out at the gym, his pecs are puffed out. The same works for women, so drop and give me 10.

Build Your Pectoral Muscles-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

10.Firm Your Skin

Like any skin on your body, the skin of your breasts need nourishment and hydration. Firm skin will hold your breasts higher, fuller and more shapely. Choose a firming lotions and apply day and night, to keep your breasts looking great and feeling silky smooth. The added benefit of lotion is the prevention of stretch marks.

Firm Your Skin-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

11.Choose a Push Up Bra

Forget surgery, with so many push up bras to choose from, you can have a great cleavage that makes your breasts appear to be an entire size bigger. The passing not only pushes up, but pushes in, giving you a full and firm bosom that you can be proud to show off.

Choose a Push Up Bra-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts

12.Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your breasts causes wrinkles and drooping. The pressure from your body, and the moving around during sleep, pulls at the skin, which overtime gives way. The best position for beautiful breasts, is to sleep on your back. This allows your breasts to stay perky, without the pull of gravity you get during the day, or being squashed at night.

Sleep On Your Back-How To Get The Best Looking Breasts



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