15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:55 pm
By:James Fraser

English language is one of the world's most spoken languages. It is clean and simple. However, those who are trying to learn English always say it is the most confusing language. We have to agree that some grammar rules in English are little strange. For example, the letter 'T' sounds different in three different words not, natural and nation. 
Adding more to confusion, some words in English language sound very similar. Some of them even have same pronunciation or spelling. Let us show you fifteen such words that sound similar but have a different meaning.
1.Weather vs. Climate

Weather and climate sound very similar. However, they are two different words. 
Weather: Weather is simply the way the atmosphere behaves in a particular region for a short period of time, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. 
Example: It has been raining from morning. The weather is too bad today to go out for shopping.
Climate: Climate is a just a standard weather pattern of a particular area.
Example: When I was new to London, I always had problems adjusting to its climate.

Weather vs. Climate-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

2.Meter vs. Metre

The words meter and metre confuses many people.
Meter: A meter is device that is mainly used to measure stuff. Barometer, thermometer, manometer etc are called meters. The word meter is also the American version of British English word metre. 
Example: Jason hopes to find a meter that can measure people's stupidity.
Metre: Metre is a metric unit that is used to measure distance.
Example: My school is just a few metres away from home.

Meter vs. Metre-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

3.Isle vs. Aisle

Isle and Aisle is another set of homonyms (similar sounding words) that confuses many people.
Isle: The word Isle means an Island, usually a smaller one. 
Example: We had great time exploring Caribbean isles last year.
Aisle: The word aisle means a passage between rows of seats in train, airplane, theater or church. 
Example: Kelly tripped and fell down while she was walking on a slippery aisle at supermarket.

Isle vs. Aisle-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning


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