15 Times Feminists Gave A Fitting Reply

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 9:53 pm
By:James Fraser

Feminism! We are going to talk a lot about it in this list. What is feminism? Or, who is a feminist? In simple words, feminism is an ideology that advocates gender equality, assuring women equal political, economic, educational, social and personal rights. If you think feminism is all about spreading misandry, or advocating female supremacy, you are wrong. 
Let's come back to the topic. We have fifteen women here, who gave fitting replies to misogynists! These replies are not only hilarious, but also thought-provoking!
10.This Horny Dragon

Don't complain about creepers when you have to spend some time on Omegle. Use site filters or don't bother going there if you absolutely hate dealing with them. That is because you are going to meet a lot of them on Omegle. Next time when you are on Omegle, and when you have to ward off a creeper or two, try to do what this girl has done here.

This Horny Dragon-15 Times Feminists Gave A Fitting Reply

11.That is a Great Tip

Moms are powerful! You know it, right? If you are a girl, and if you are troubled by a guy asking you to send your nudes, reply him with this funny message and see what his reaction is. This should totally work! Most guys already know what moms are capable of doing when they lose their cool.

That is a Great Tip-15 Times Feminists Gave A Fitting Reply

12.You are a Trumpet

This is another funny reply by a girl, calling a 'horny guy' a trumpet in a school band. Girls, if you can manage to dominate boys with your sarcasm, humor and quick wit, you are less likely to be troubled by them, especially when their testosterone levels hit peak! However, if you have secret crush on them, don't bother doing that.

You are a Trumpet-15 Times Feminists Gave A Fitting Reply