12 Best Crime Investigation Games For Mobile

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 6:35 am
By:James Fraser

The epic stories of Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew are thrilling to read even after all these years. We see fictional characters like Holmes and Drew as superhumans. They inspire many of us. Being an investigator or a detective is one cool job, but unfortunately, not everyone can become one. A crime investigator needs to have exceptional thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Hey, do you think you are smart enough to become a gumshoe? Try playing these 12 best crime investigation games and rate your exploratory and analytical skills!
1.Criminal Case

Criminal Case is the most popular game in the crime investigation segment. It has nearly 3 million reviews from players. The staggering number just tells us how popular this game really is. It is primarily a hidden object game. You need to find visual clues on crime scenes to untangle complex murder mysteries. This game doesn't end there. You need to examine the clues in a lab. You need to interrogate suspects and arrest culprits based on your investigative findings. Criminal Case is a free game that doesn't really let you play it freely. As a free player, you keep running out of energy, which may compel you to make in-app purchases.
Game: Criminal Case
Price: Free to Install and Play, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 50 Million to 100 Million
Reviews: 3 Million+
Average Rating: 4.5
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Criminal Case-12 Best Crime Investigation Games For Mobile

2.CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crime is a hidden object puzzle game as well. As its name suggests, this CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) television drama series inspired game has many characters that appear on the show. If you watched the show, you would instantly recognize them. Other than that, this game is a typical crime investigation game. In the game, you have to find evidence, analyze visual clues, examine them, and interrogate suspects. Use your observational and analytical skills to find criminals and put them behind bars. CSI: Hidden Crimes by Ubisoft Entertainment is a free game. You need some energy to play the game, though. You may have to wait for some time to regain the energy if you are not willing to make in-app purchases.
Game: CSI: Hidden Crimes
Price: Free to Install and Play, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 10 Million to 50 Million
Reviews: 714,000+
Average Rating: 4.2
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CSI: Hidden Crimes-12 Best Crime Investigation Games For Mobile

3.Agent Alice

Agent Alice is an excellent mix of puzzle, crime investigation, action, and reaction game genres. Join Agent Alice and her team to unravel knotty crime mysteries. It is an episode-based game. Players are given a new episode every week to play. A new chapter means a new crime case to solve. With over 5 million downloads and 340,000+ reviews, Agent Alice is one of the best crime investigation games you can play today. It is free to play. However, you can't continuously play it because this game requires energy, which you are going to lose after a few minutes of play. To regain the energy, you need to wait or buy it from the game's store.
Game: Agent Alice
Price: Free to Install and Play, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 5 Million to 10 Million
Reviews: 340,000+
Average Rating: 4.3
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Agent Alice-12 Best Crime Investigation Games For Mobile


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