12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 11:01 am
By:Tony Williams

Lopping off long locks certainly sounds scary to women, but when they realize the amazing perks of sporting a pixie cut, they never think of going back to the long hair days again! The women who are brave enough to go for the chop are some of the most admired women. Be it a bold pixie crop or an old-fashioned layered bob, a short hairstyle does look elegant. It saves time and money. Just in case if you think short hair doesn't look good, take a look at the short hairstyles of these 12 celebrities!

#12 Pink

Pink has always been very edgy and this haircut suits her. Almost looking military, the punky spikes and color are in line with her image. sexy but tough, Pink is feminine with an edge. The singer does acrobatics and has a body that is muscular for her small frame, and a haircut that pulls it all together.

Pink-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

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