How To Lucid Dream

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 6:54 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Get advanced

What is meant by getting advanced is that you should learn two main sleeping and dreaming techniques. The first is called MILD and the second is DILD and they are too detailed to discuss here. This should be part of your research as they help you to not only drift off to sleep, but improve on your ability to recall what you dreamt on cue.

Get advanced-How To Lucid Dream


Try and learn how to meditate as it will help you to enter into different levels of mental awareness with your own free will and this increases the chances of you recognizing that you are indeed dreaming and can then control your thoughts. It also gives you a better understanding of your conscious and unconscious self and better mind control will result in better dreams.

Meditate-How To Lucid Dream

3.Alarm clock

This may sound rather strange, but by setting your alarm clock to wake you up an hour or so after you go to bed it does increase the chances of you having a lucid dream when you immediately turn over and go back to sleep. At this point you are going to be more aware of falling asleep and it then becomes easier to control your dream and take it in whichever direction you like.

Alarm clock-How To Lucid Dream

4.Dream signs

By focusing on dream signs and then trying to work out why they appear on a regular basis it will allow you to then determine why you dream about certain things. Why does a particular person appear? Why did you dream of a certain place? By analyzing what you remember it makes it more likely for you to then have a lucid dream due to the way in which your mind is processing the information.

Dream signs-How To Lucid Dream

5.Dream Journal

By writing down anything that you do remember about dreams and do include as much detail as possible. This exercise should be done the minute you wake up and it will then allow you to look at common themes that pop up in your ordinary dreams. If you do this even an hour after you wake there is a very good chance that you will remember next to nothing.

Dream Journal-How To Lucid Dream


EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is also known as tapping and it is known to release a lot of emotions and to in a way unblock feelings and issues that are trapped inside you. It is believed that these trapped emotions are blocking your ability to have lucid dreams, so by using this simply acupressure technique you open yourself up to these dreams.

EFT-How To Lucid Dream


Affirmations are a powerful tool when it comes to lucid dreaming. The best thing for you to do is to consider an affirmation such as, 'I recognize and control my dreams' and repeat it before you go to bed. Keep saying it to yourself during the day or indeed put reminders in different locations so you see it repeatedly and then wait to discover how it alters your dreams.

Affirmations-How To Lucid Dream


Eating spicy food is a fantastic way of improving your chances of having lucid dreams. For some reason there are chemicals in the spices that do some strange thing to your brain resulting in an increased chance of those vivid dreams happening. The fact that nobody is sure how it works is not actually that important as it has been shown to make a difference and that is all you need to know.

Spices-How To Lucid Dream

9.Tape recorder

Do yourself a favor and buy a voice activated tape recorder and keep it beside your bed. The idea here is that if you make certain noises, including talking, during the night then you will hear it on here and playing it back can make it easier to remember the actual dream due to this acting like an audio cue.

Tape recorder-How To Lucid Dream


Listening to music especially when you are trying to sleep is a fantastic way of increasing the chances of you having a lucid dream. The reason as to why this helps is because of the way in which it can trigger some emotions in your mind and ideally you will want to use music that fits in with the type of dream you want to have. This takes some trial and error, but it certainly does make a major difference.

Music-How To Lucid Dream

11.Know your surroundings

To stand a better chance of lucid dreams you need to pay more attention to the different things that are around you on a daily basis in the real world. You need to try to absorb as much information as possible because it all plays a part in you then being able to have more creative dreams at night.

Know your surroundings-How To Lucid Dream


One of the best things you can do is to nap during the day because this actually means you are less tired at night and this has been shown to greatly increase the chances of you having a lucid dream. The key here is to get the right balance because nap too much and you will find that you simply cannot sleep at night completely ruining the point of this exercise.

Nap-How To Lucid Dream



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