12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 1:27 pm
By:James Fraser

Weed is one of the most famous recreational drugs. Weed Smokers often say that it is the safest drug in the world, and they even assert that cannabis is a lot safer than tobacco and alcohol. They even provide stats to prove that weed isn't as dangerous as cigarettes or liquor when it comes to damaging health. Marijuana crusaders even argue that pot scores a lot less than even coffee in terms of addiction. As you all know, the world is clearly divided into two groups when it comes to supporting or rejecting legal status to weed. Let them fight, and meanwhile, take a look at these 12 hilarious weed memes! 
1.Weed Vs. Cigarettes

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 480,000 people die annually in the United States because of cigarette smoking. Second-hand smoke is responsible for 40,000 deaths, and that means smoking is directly responsible for more than half a million dead in the United States alone. Smoking kills more than 6 million people worldwide, and CDC estimates that the death toll will rise to 8 million a year by 2030. On the other hand, an individual is highly unlikely to die of a THC (marijuana) overdose. Several kinds of research found out that pot is not as dangerous as tobacco when it comes to being carcinogenic. And yes, weed is a lot safer than tobacco and alcohol!

Weed Vs. Cigarettes-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

2.Food Cravings

Post marijuana food cravings are a thing, and it is quite common that a lot of people feel like eating the munchies after smoking weed. The scientists believe that some chemicals in pot alter brain functions that eventually make a pot smoker feel like eating spicy and yummy foods. To be precise, THC increases the sense of smell, taste, hearing, and even vision. Cravings are caused by the heightened sense of smell and taste, and they automatically go off when the effects of weed ward off. Just as this meme describes, it feels great when you have something good to eat after smoking pot!

Food Cravings-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

3.When You Hit The Bong Real Hard!

That's a pretty accurate depiction, and every pothead, occasionally, has to deal with strong hits. The struggle is real for seasoned stoners who use a bong to smoke weed and get high. Bong is a good way to smoke pot, but then again, there's always that chance of hitting it too hard. Unsurprisingly, hard hits ruin a good time, and they instantly cause a headache, nausea, severe cough, etc. One may still hit a joint or blunt extremely hard, but only when smokers put a gallant effort doing that. In the case of the bong, one can accidentally inhale too much smoke. 

When You Hit The Bong Real Hard!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

4.Hulk In Weed!

Nah, you are not high yet because even we can see the weed version of Hulk there! You are high only when you see the Hulk inside roaring as if he is all set to destroy everyone and everything around him! By the way, the bud looks very weird. It looks nothing like standard weed or skunk, and we are afraid there is some significant mold buildup around it. The pot looks like a weird hybrid mix of HULK, Robocop, and Groot, isn't it? By the way, Did you know you could get high without weed or drugs?

Hulk In Weed!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

5.Weed Is Happiness!

How often do you hear rich people say that money doesn't buy happiness? Every poor and ordinary person living on the planet knows how money can change their life drastically. Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it can surely buy stuff like muscle cars, expensive watches and jewelry, expensive wine, and even premium marijuana strains like Top Shelf, Isla O.G., and The Oracle! Come on, why do people say wealth can't buy happiness?! If you still think it can't, check out this research that proves you wrong.

Weed Is Happiness!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

6.Weed In Space!

Several months ago, the internet was stormed with the news that claimed NASA had found a new planet that was entirely covered with weed. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but NASA never found such things in the space. However, it is true that the traces of the active psychotic chemical compound of Cannabis, THC, may exist in space. It is understandable because everything that is on Earth including human, animal, and plant life is made up of stardust that is present everywhere in the observable universe. Nonetheless, Snoop Dogg looks incredibly hilarious in this meme! 

Weed In Space!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

7.When People Say Weed Is Bad For You

Weed is certainly bad for you. In fact, any recreational drug isn't safe. However, it is less dangerous when compared to things like narcotics, alcohol, and even tobacco. Experts often label pot as an evil thing because it has that reputation of being a gateway drug. A commoner may find drugs such as cocaine, LSD, heroin, etc. extremely dangerous, whereas a pothead may find them reasonable. Those who smoke weed often have friends who are drug addicts, and at times, they may end up trying a new thing for an enhanced and better experience. 

When People Say Weed Is Bad For You-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High


8.Hmmm, Good Weed This Is!

Stoners can relate! It isn't quite often one gets to smoke dank weed because of its exorbitant prices. Call it luck or a blessing from God, a pot lover sometimes gets top-notch bud, and when they smoke it, they pretty much look like Yoda in this meme. Experts say that marijuana is considered extremely useful when it stenches up the surroundings despite being packed tightly inside a plastic bag! If it doesn't smell, it perhaps isn't weed at all. Don't forget that fake weed is a thing and it exists in the market! 

Hmmm, Good Weed This Is!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

9.The Shit I Go Through To Find Some Good Weed

Except in Spain, South Africa, and a few South American countries, marijuana is illegal for recreational purpose in every other country. Many Asian and African countries don't care or don't mind its people smoking pot, so laws that ban weed are hardly enforced there. Even though marijuana is illegal in the United States as a recreational drug, people living in most states can still get it easily without too many complications. However, if you are a stoner living in states like Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, you are going to have a horrible time if you are caught with weed. This meme depicts all those struggles people need to go through to get some good weed to have fun on the weekend! 

The Shit I Go Through To Find Some Good Weed-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High


10.Shots Fired!

The government doesn't mind if you destroy your lungs with cigarettes. It doesn't care if you wreck your liver with alcohol. It only has a problem when you get high with a natural and non-synthetic drug like cannabis. If government legalizes weed for recreational purpose, it will hit the revenue of the top cigarette companies severely. Legal marijuana will also affect the revenues of alcohol and pharmaceutical industries. Those who strive to get marijuana legalized often complain that the big buck corporations put tremendous pressure on the government to not to decriminalize the weed.

Shots Fired!-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

11.Alcohol And Tobacco Vs. Marijuana

Weed isn't as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol, and very few people die every year overdosing pot. It is scientifically proven that cannabis works great in treating several brain disorders like Parkinson's, seizures, multiple sclerosis, etc. Why isn't government legalizing pot then? It is true that numerous tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries are pumping a lot of money to pressurize the administration to continue the ban on cannabis. But, that isn't the only reason. Weed is illegal in most countries based on social reasons. People accepted cigarettes and liquor as a part of human culture. Weed is never seen in that way. In addition to government, a big section of the population is against the legalization of marijuana.

Alcohol And Tobacco Vs. Marijuana-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High

12.When You Just Spark It

It is a funny meme, but, hey, you should always let your guest take the first hit. If you are a host, you should roll the joint, spark it, and then offer it to your guest. Let them take their hit in peace, take the joint back, and take a toke. If it is a joint or blunt, you should take no more than three puffs before passing it to a friend. And if it is a pipe or bong, you are just allowed to take one hit before letting another friend take it. Don't forget to bring weed, food, or do something else to be a valuable asset to your group of friends. Alcohol is cheap, but not pot. That is the reason why potheads hate mooches! 

When You Just Spark It-12 Funny Weed Memes That Are Sure To Get Your Sense Of Humor High



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