12 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Make Lol

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:23 pm
By:James Fraser

Memes are like the digital version of fries! No matter how many you eat, you still feel like eating more. If you are a meme lover, the chances are high that you have already seen tens of hundreds of them on the internet. We know you are hungry for more! That is why we decided to deliver your daily dose of meme fun to you and came up with this unique animal memes topic. Cats, dogs, tigers, bears, pandas, and many more animals are all set to make you laugh! Check these 12 hilarious animal memes right now! 
1.This Poor Fat Dog

"Are you mocking me? Cuz I feel like I'm being mocked!" 
Since dogs are the friendliest animals, we chose a dog meme to begin the topic! Cat lovers; please don't try to argue with us. Your beloved cats have representation on this list too! Getting back to the topic - the corgi in the picture looks too cute to be ignored. If you are a corgi owner, you already know the kind of looks your corgi gives to you just to grab those treats from you! Corgis aren't the skinniest of dogs, so corgis of that size are quite common. 

This Poor Fat Dog-12 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Make Lol

2.Hedwig, Jr.?

"What do you mean? I wasn't picked to go to Hogwarts?" 
This baby owl can still go to Hogwarts; she just needs to get on Hogwarts Express, and once she reached the school, she can find a suitable tree to settle there! Mandrakes are too small, and Whomping Willow is too violent, a little bit of research can help this baby owl find a lovely tree so she can build a nest there! It would be nice if Hedwig adopted this baby owl! Hedwig is inarguably a lot kinder pet than Crookshanks or Scabbers! 
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Hedwig, Jr.?-12 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Make Lol

3.This Cute Cat!

This one is for all the cat lovers! This cat looks so adorable that even people who don't like cats are going to like it. "I killed a mouse for you… I will do anything for you… anything!" The sentence is uncharacteristic for a cat, but it's still cute. Cats, unlike dogs, don't show the affection or love they have for their owners. Most cat owners believe their pets love them, but scientists say that cats don't even like their fellow cats, let alone humans! It's the time to say good-bye to this adorable cat and check another funny animal meme.

This Cute Cat!-12 Hilarious Animal Memes That Will Make Lol


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