12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 12:41 pm
By:James Fraser

The history of "This Could Be Us" memes date back to 2013, but many of them perfectly make sense and are hilarious even if you read them in 2017. "This Could Be Us" memes were originally Twitter hashtag tweets, and people used to share photos of weird-looking couples with the tagline, "This could be us, but you playin." In the subsequent months, the social trend took the form of an internet meme. "This Could Be Us" memes point out things a person can't do, in a hilarious manner. Read 12 "This Could Be Us" memes to see how funny they are! 
10.This Hilarious Llama Meme

"This could be us, but you got a probllama!"
This one is for all the pun lovers who are reading this topic! The meme looks very funny, and it's reminding us something fascinating. Imagine Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury in the place of those two llamas, and reread the meme's tag line. In Freddie Mercury's words, "This could be us, but you got a llama!" We hope you are aware that Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson once planned to pair up, but Freddie withdrew the idea because Michael Jackson demanded that his pet llama should be allowed inside the recording theater! Freddie didn't like that at all. 

This Hilarious Llama Meme-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

11.This Could Be Us, But You Are On Visit Visa!

Some people fall in love with tourists, and unsurprisingly, this happens in every country. People who have relationships with foreign visitors say that it's a beautiful feeling to fall in love with them, and the fact that they may get separated one day helps them bond with their partners much strongly. As an American, unless you are falling in love with a Middle Eastern, African, or Asian person, you don't have to worry about complications! 

This Could Be Us, But You Are On Visit Visa! -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

12.Size Matters!

"This could be us, but you said size matters!" 
That's Shaq and his former wife, Nikki Hoopz, in the picture. The meme is plain hilarious, but whenever we see Shaq with wife or girlfriends, we can't stop thinking about how he manages to have sex with them! Shaq is rumored to have a small package in his pants, and this revelation was made by none other than one of her girlfriends, Vanessa Lopez

Size Matters!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes