12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 12:41 pm
By:James Fraser

The history of "This Could Be Us" memes date back to 2013, but many of them perfectly make sense and are hilarious even if you read them in 2017. "This Could Be Us" memes were originally Twitter hashtag tweets, and people used to share photos of weird-looking couples with the tagline, "This could be us, but you playin." In the subsequent months, the social trend took the form of an internet meme. "This Could Be Us" memes point out things a person can't do, in a hilarious manner. Read 12 "This Could Be Us" memes to see how funny they are! 
1.This Could Be Us, But You Playin!

The original tagline of the memes is, "This could be us, but you playin." The inspiration behind the tagline as well as the meme is Prince's 2014 song, "This Could Be Us," from his "Art Official Age" music album. This meme is a tribute to Prince, and it really is a nice way to begin the topic. The meaning of this meme goes like this. A fed-up girlfriend or girlfriend looks at this picture and tells to their partner, "This could be us, but you playin." Scroll down for more diverse and funny "This Could Be Us" memes. 

This Could Be Us, But You Playin!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

2.This Could Be Us, But You Keep Escaping!

It took some time for you to scroll up to this meme, but we are sure this meme keep up with the topic's claim that these "This Could Be Us" memes are hilarious. Apparently, a young man is watching TV with a girl whose mouth was duct-taped. Whoever made this meme was just saying they would want to do the same to a girl, but she kept escaping! We don't know the story behind this picture, but it does look little unusual. What do you say? 

This Could Be Us, But You Keep Escaping!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

3.This Could Be Us, But We Broke!

Many of us can relate to this meme! We all want to become rich, have a successful person as a partner, buy muscle cars, and go on expensive holiday trips! Sadly, as this meme depicts, we can't! Hey, did you know the combined net worth of Jay-Z and Beyonce is more than $1 billion? The two, sure, are one of the most powerful celebrity couples in the world. Both Jay-Z and Beyonce love cars, and they own some of the most expensive cars in the world such as Maybach Exelero, Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, etc. 

This Could Be Us, But We Broke!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

4.This Could Be Us, But I'm Glad It Isn't!

This meme funnily portrays an average young boyfriend's mindset! Learning the fact that your girlfriend is pregnant is one of the most terrible things you can hear as a young man, especially when you are not expecting that to hear from your girlfriend. Let's get married, have kids, and raise a family - says no boyfriend ever! Hey, there exists some good guys who want to get married and have kids, but the problem is, they don't find the girls that are worth keeping!

This Could Be Us, But I'm Glad It Isn't! -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

5.This Could Be Us

"This could be us, but we eat Chipotle, pizza, French fries, and brownies." 
Hey, are we all related to this meme? Whenever we see those fitness freaks with great bodies, we feel like we should hit the gym and start working out, but we can't because we are poorly hooked up with our daily routine of work, sleep, and the internet! As you all know, to be able to have bodies like the pair in this picture, we need to sacrifice many, many things, including fries, desserts, and our beloved pizza!

This Could Be Us-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

6.But You Keep Pullin Out

When bae wants a family, but you are not yet ready to jump into the world of responsibilities! This is an excellent meme, though. That Bill Cosby show poster reminds us the good old TV days, isn't it? "The Cosby Show" is indeed an iconic 80s/90s comedy TV series, and Bill Cosby's role as Heathcliff Huxtable is memorable. As you may know, recently, dozens of women have accused Bill Cosby of rape, and he's in the middle of a legal mess right now! 

But You Keep Pullin Out -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

7.This Could Be Us, But I'm The Guy Flexing

It's a win, either way! The couple in the background is clearly in mad love, as they seem to forget where they are. Oh boy, that's some passionate kissing happening right there! That guy with muscles in the foreground isn't that bad all. He has a nice body, and a bit of exploration of the surroundings helps him find a hot chick. Given a chance, who would you be? Would you be that romantic guy in the background or this little brother of Hulk in the front?!

This Could Be Us, But I'm The Guy Flexing-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes


8.This Could Be Us, But You Got Gas!

This meme is indisputably the funniest of all entries on the topic. It really makes you giggle, or at least smile, the moment you look at it. Oh man, imagine the girl in the picture passing gas right on that guy's face. That's going to be an instant turn-off, isn't it? We guys keep hearing queefs, and we are absolutely fine with them, but gas? oh god, no! Be it a man or woman, it's okay to let the methane out once in a while, but it's bad if they do it on a daily scale like one of those factory smoke pipes! 

This Could Be Us, But You Got Gas! -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

9.The Truth!

"This could be us, but I hate running, and you don't exist!"
This meme accurately portrays the life of an average single guy who is too lazy to find a girl or hit the gym to get into good shape. We aren't saying every single man in the world is entitled to get a girlfriend, but talking about those people who can't stop complaining about how they fail to find a girlfriend! You don't have to be a forever alone guy! A little bit of effort can pair you up with a nice woman. 

The Truth!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes


10.This Hilarious Llama Meme

"This could be us, but you got a probllama!"
This one is for all the pun lovers who are reading this topic! The meme looks very funny, and it's reminding us something fascinating. Imagine Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury in the place of those two llamas, and reread the meme's tag line. In Freddie Mercury's words, "This could be us, but you got a llama!" We hope you are aware that Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson once planned to pair up, but Freddie withdrew the idea because Michael Jackson demanded that his pet llama should be allowed inside the recording theater! Freddie didn't like that at all. 

This Hilarious Llama Meme-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

11.This Could Be Us, But You Are On Visit Visa!

Some people fall in love with tourists, and unsurprisingly, this happens in every country. People who have relationships with foreign visitors say that it's a beautiful feeling to fall in love with them, and the fact that they may get separated one day helps them bond with their partners much strongly. As an American, unless you are falling in love with a Middle Eastern, African, or Asian person, you don't have to worry about complications! 

This Could Be Us, But You Are On Visit Visa! -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

12.Size Matters!

"This could be us, but you said size matters!" 
That's Shaq and his former wife, Nikki Hoopz, in the picture. The meme is plain hilarious, but whenever we see Shaq with wife or girlfriends, we can't stop thinking about how he manages to have sex with them! Shaq is rumored to have a small package in his pants, and this revelation was made by none other than one of her girlfriends, Vanessa Lopez

Size Matters!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes



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