12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 12:41 pm
By:James Fraser

The history of "This Could Be Us" memes date back to 2013, but many of them perfectly make sense and are hilarious even if you read them in 2017. "This Could Be Us" memes were originally Twitter hashtag tweets, and people used to share photos of weird-looking couples with the tagline, "This could be us, but you playin." In the subsequent months, the social trend took the form of an internet meme. "This Could Be Us" memes point out things a person can't do, in a hilarious manner. Read 12 "This Could Be Us" memes to see how funny they are! 
7.This Could Be Us, But I'm The Guy Flexing

It's a win, either way! The couple in the background is clearly in mad love, as they seem to forget where they are. Oh boy, that's some passionate kissing happening right there! That guy with muscles in the foreground isn't that bad all. He has a nice body, and a bit of exploration of the surroundings helps him find a hot chick. Given a chance, who would you be? Would you be that romantic guy in the background or this little brother of Hulk in the front?!

This Could Be Us, But I'm The Guy Flexing-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

8.This Could Be Us, But You Got Gas!

This meme is indisputably the funniest of all entries on the topic. It really makes you giggle, or at least smile, the moment you look at it. Oh man, imagine the girl in the picture passing gas right on that guy's face. That's going to be an instant turn-off, isn't it? We guys keep hearing queefs, and we are absolutely fine with them, but gas? oh god, no! Be it a man or woman, it's okay to let the methane out once in a while, but it's bad if they do it on a daily scale like one of those factory smoke pipes! 

This Could Be Us, But You Got Gas! -12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes

9.The Truth!

"This could be us, but I hate running, and you don't exist!"
This meme accurately portrays the life of an average single guy who is too lazy to find a girl or hit the gym to get into good shape. We aren't saying every single man in the world is entitled to get a girlfriend, but talking about those people who can't stop complaining about how they fail to find a girlfriend! You don't have to be a forever alone guy! A little bit of effort can pair you up with a nice woman. 

The Truth!-12 Funny This Could Be Us Memes