12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 11:01 am
By:Tony Williams

Lopping off long locks certainly sounds scary to women, but when they realize the amazing perks of sporting a pixie cut, they never think of going back to the long hair days again! The women who are brave enough to go for the chop are some of the most admired women. Be it a bold pixie crop or an old-fashioned layered bob, a short hairstyle does look elegant. It saves time and money. Just in case if you think short hair doesn't look good, take a look at the short hairstyles of these 12 celebrities!

Pink has always been very edgy and this haircut suits her. Almost looking military, the punky spikes and color are in line with her image. sexy but tough, Pink is feminine with an edge. The singer does acrobatics and has a body that is muscular for her small frame, and a haircut that pulls it all together.

Pink-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

2.Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore went from girl next door, with long brown locks, to sexy woman when she cut her hair. Choosing to go all out, she didn't just cut it to her shoulders or a little above, she went for a super short cut. And, it looks great on her, really suiting her face shape.

Mandy Moore-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

3.Elisha Cuthbert

Anyone who says that a short hairstyle doesn't look feminine needs to see this picture of Elisha Cuthbert with short hair, and we bet they will change their opinion! The hairstyle made her face look as delicate as a baby's. It highlighted her blue eyes, round face, square chin and beautiful lips. Inspired by the Hollywood greats, Elisha Cuthbert cut her long hair in 2007. She told People, "There's a lot of confident older women, like Annette Bening and Judi Dench, who have extremely sexy short hair." "To try to make that happen for me is really cool." She added.

Elisha Cuthbert-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair


Side swept bangs are always very sexy. This is the most important part of any haircut because that is what we see when looking at a face. In fact hair below the shoulder is not even seen. The layering and softness of the bangs make this short haircut very feminine.

Rihanna-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

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5.Ashlee Simpson

This cut works beautifully with the shape of Ashlee's face. Her small chiseled features, with an emphasis on her chin, look great with a short cut that is soft and flowing. With the sides slightly squared off, it neutralizes her angles, and softens her a bit. The remarkable transformation with her nose job, has made her face much more balanced.

Ashlee Simpson-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

6.Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is another actress that looks good in any hair length. Daring enough to go bald in the blockbuster movie, V For Vendetta, we know that any look suits her fine features. Long hair almost overpowers her delicate face, but the short hair really brings attention to her beauty.

Natalie Portman-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

7.Halle Berry

Halle Berry is gorgeous. Let's face it, she would look good with a mop on her head. This super short cut plays up her cheekbones and lips, as well as her creamy skin. A super look on her, it's one that most women aspire to when going for a short cut. Not to forget Halle Berry's infamous six toes.

Halle Berry-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

8.Michelle Williams

This cut is a short cut but with long, flowy bangs that makes it fun and sexy. Tossed over to one side, the cut is super short in the back and on one side, but not as short on the other side. It's an off center cut that works well with her face.

Michelle Williams-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

9.Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is beautiful no matter what length her hair is. She has the face to pull of even being bald. This cut really suits her and shows off her bone structure and eyes. If anyone can look great in a short cut it's her and she sets the standard for this cut.

Charlize Theron-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

10.Emma Watson

This is a true pixie cut. As short as short can go and still look feminine and cute. The pointed sideburns and bangs to the side are what give it the classy yet playful look that this cut is known for. It's a brave move to cut off your hair and just go for it like Emma did. 

Emma Watson-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

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11.Miley Cyrus

The sweet Hannah Montana transformed into the sex kitten Miley Cyrus. When shedding an image, sometimes you have to be drastic and drastic she is. Cutting off all her hair and leaving just a little on top, then dying it white blonde, is about as different as one can get. No more innocent little daddy's girl. Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus has a huge number of followers from feet fetish community

Miley Cyrus-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair

12.Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway cut her hair for her role in Les Miserables. This short pixie cut looks great on her, she has the face to pull it off. Used to seeing her in her long brown hair, it's quite a change, but change is always good. You grow as a person when you dare to try new things. Not to forget Anne Hathaway's awkward sex scene with Jake Gyllenhall.

Anne Hathaway-12 Celebrities With Really Short Hair



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