Best Celebrity Tattoos

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:04 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Mena Suvari

Mena has a range of tattoos, but this is the one that is seen the most and it is a pretty good one at that. She has a lion, of which you see half of it, along with word, sound, power, but at least the writing is very well done, which makes a change when you look at some of the examples out there.

Mena Suvari-Best Celebrity Tattoos

2.Sylvester Stallone

Well were you aware of the fact that Sly had so many tattoos and that they were so massive? Even if you hate the sight of them you have to look at this and just be amazed at how detailed it is and also how colorful it has turned out to be. Ultimately, could you see it on somebody with a smaller back? Probably not.

Sylvester Stallone-Best Celebrity Tattoos

3.Fred Durst

If there is somebody that knows a good tattoo from a bad one, then it has to be Fred since he used to be a tattoo artist. This one on his chest of Elvis and Kurt Cobain is pretty cool and you have to say that the likeness is seriously good as well.

Fred Durst-Best Celebrity Tattoos

4.Keith Urban

This has to be the best tattoo that Keith has because the design is so different and so cool at the same time. It is a rather different take on the eagle as it has a kind of Aztec feel about it, but it is in the perfect position and the perfect size.

Keith Urban-Best Celebrity Tattoos

5.Johnny Depp

You get the feeling that Johnny Depp could have anything put on his body and it would be cool because lets face it the guy himself is the coolest guy out there. He has a strange mixture of them all over himself, but who cares because it's Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp-Best Celebrity Tattoos

6.Nicole Richie

Nicole has a number of tattoos over her body, but perhaps her best one has to be the rosary beads on her foot. She has basically inspired a lot of women to get the same kind of thing done because she just wears it so well and it shows you do not need a big tattoo for it to be a great one.

Nicole Richie-Best Celebrity Tattoos

7.Jeremy Shockey

This football player really did do very well indeed when it came to getting his sleeve done because the attention to detail really is outstanding. The colors are perfect, the layout is perfect, and overall you have to say that it is seriously cool.

Jeremy Shockey-Best Celebrity Tattoos

8.Dave Navarro

Dave is cool and has a number of tattoos across his body as you can see here. There is no point in trying to describe them as it would just take too long, so take a look and pick your favorite for yourself.

Dave Navarro-Best Celebrity Tattoos

9.Amy Winehouse

She may no longer be with us, but you have to admire this self portrait tattoo that she had on her arm. It just kind of caught her character very well indeed, but it is just a shame that the rest of her became so messed up.

Amy Winehouse-Best Celebrity Tattoos


These wings are pretty cool on her and they are certainly very well designed. From an artists point of view they have done everything right and you have to admit that it does look as if it is the perfect tattoo for her.

Anastacia-Best Celebrity Tattoos

11.David Beckham

David Beckham admits to being virtually addicted to getting tattoos as he has an ever increasing number of them over his body. He has various sayings, a large cross with Jesus on his back and as you can see here a full sleeve on his right arm, but they are all very well done.

David Beckham-Best Celebrity Tattoos

12.Dwayne Johnson

This tattoo is not only very well done, but it is also perfect for the person in question. It just fits in with his Pacific Island heritage and the result is a match made in heaven.

Dwayne Johnson-Best Celebrity Tattoos



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