Worst Hangover Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:49 pm
By:Tony Williams


Getting drunk can be expensive, but what about one guy in the US who ended up costing himself $2500 without any knowledge as to what happened just because he was drunk. When you then add in the fact that he got a free taxi ride and at some point got his clothes laundered, as well as ironed, then you have to wonder what else he missed out on while drunk.

Expensive-Worst Hangover Stories


Imagine if you will being out one night and realizing that you have been drinking and you need to get to work. The problem is you realize this when drunk, so off you go thinking you will get some sleep there before you start. Now imagine waking up with the hangover from hell only to discover that you are actually in the wrong place of work and nobody knows who you are.

Lost-Worst Hangover Stories

3.Python eater

Imagine unknowingly buying a python and then waking up the following morning and it is about to try to eat your best friend. This sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it is actually fact, but thankfully the guy woke up in time before his friend ended up in the belly of a snake.

Python eater-Worst Hangover Stories

4.Killed your dog

You need to be careful with what you try to do when drunk because one guy decided to do some cleaning of his pool. He emptied cleaning fluid into a bucket and fell asleep. His dog drank it over a period of time, the guy thought it was rainwater, and eventually the dog died after basically being poisoned over a number of weeks.

Killed your dog-Worst Hangover Stories

5.Restraining order

Imagine being drunk, looking after your son, police being called thanks to your ex-wife, suffering trauma, having no medical insurance, it costs you over $6000, and your wife takes out a restraining order against you to protect your son. Could that hangover actually get any worse?

Restraining order-Worst Hangover Stories

6.End of school days

Two students drank a lot of alcohol, fell down a hill in a drunken state, was sick all over at a party at school including out of windows and ultimately were kicked out in what can only be described as a shameful episode. What a way to go!

End of school days-Worst Hangover Stories

7.It's a knock out

Imagine if you will getting drunk, going back with a guy to your new apartment, having a drunken attempt at sex, waking up in a panic, tripping over a suitcase, hitting your head off a table and knocking yourself out. Now the guy has no idea where he is, finds a bank statement for your old address and the ambulance turns up at your parents. It all finished with her in hospital for 2 days with severe concussion that was not hangover related.

It's a knock out-Worst Hangover Stories


Is there anything worse than being spotted by somebody who you wish had never spotted you when drunk? How about the girl who was stuck in an apartment with a guy she had spent the night with, had to make a call, had been sick over her stuff, wore his t-shirt, got out into a busy street to use a payphone, and was spotted by the closest friends of her father looking a mess? Imagine that chat at home.

Spotted-Worst Hangover Stories

9.Chicken killer

Joshua Shelton probably holds a record in that during his drunken state he managed to kill 70,000 chickens. OK he did not kill them individually, more that he fell asleep in a room and fell against some buttons that did it for him, but it still counts as being his fault.

Chicken killer-Worst Hangover Stories

10.Changing countries

People that get drunk can often wake up and not know where they are, but how about waking up in a different country? A guy in Norway passed out in his car and when he was asleep somebody stole it and drove it into Sweden with him in the back. Try explaining that one to the cops.

Changing countries-Worst Hangover Stories

11.Man with no penis

Surely it has to be the stuff of nightmares for a guy to wake up after drinking a lot to suddenly discover that his penis is missing? Well spare a thought for Geraldo Ramos because that very thing happened to him and nobody knows what happened. They think a dog ate it, but they are not sure, but they do know that he now has no penis.

Man with no penis-Worst Hangover Stories

12.Mad carving

How about going back to your place with some chic, having a wild party together, getting drunk, then waking up with a pain in your body? How about that pain coming from the girl carving her name into your skin with a knife when you were passed out? That is one scary hangover from hell that they will never forget.

Mad carving-Worst Hangover Stories



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