12 Best "If You Know What I Mean" Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:39 am
By:Tony Williams

"If you know what I mean" is one of the funniest memes ever made. They were all over the internet a couple of years ago. The meme signifies sexual humor. People use this meme on viral websites to point out a double entendre, mostly in the form of a sexual innuendo. The meme uses a facial expression of Mr. Bean character, portrayed by Rowan Atkinson. Read the 12 best "If you know what I mean" memes that are sure to crack you up. Lots of jokes about boobs, so we guess you need to keep your tissue ready - if you know what we mean!

#12 One For The Geeks

This is certainly one for the geeks thanks to the reference to a Trojan, but then they need to know the alternative meaning of it for it to all make sense. So many geek references and so little time.

One For The Geeks-12 Best "If You Know What I Mean" Memes Ever

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