15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:43 pm
By:James Fraser

The genitals are one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. They require a lot of attention and care, without which things can go terribly bad. We are all humans. Making mistakes is something that's in our DNA. Here, in this list, we have fifteen women who shared some really shocking and horrifying stories related to their vagina. Be well prepared, as some of the stories can make you cringe really hard!
13.This Creative Boyfriend

In my freshman year of college, my ex-boyfriend decided he wanted to get kinky. He told me to shut my eyes and just enjoy it. He started going down on me, and I suddenly felt a major burn on my clit. For some reason, he thought it’d feel good to put a ton of Crest toothpaste on his tongue while going down on me. It was definitely not.
This Creative Boyfriend-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


14.The 'Fiery' Tampon

I used to work at a bulk food store, and one day I went to the washroom to change my tampon. I did my thing, and then a few seconds later it felt like my vagina was on fire. That’s when I remembered I had just finished topping up the bin of cayenne pepper and didn’t wash my hands before inserting my tampon.
The 'Fiery' Tampon-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


15.This Embarrassing Moment

I was at the health clinic, spread out with my feet up in stirrups, with only a little paper napkin across my lap to protect my modesty. When the nurse sat down in the chair, it shot out from beneath her, and she landed on her elbow with an audible crack. Two nurses and a doctor ran in to help, all while I sat there, cranked up in the air with my lady bits in full and glorious view of everyone. I was glad I waxed the day before.
- k4a4137cab
This Embarrassing Moment-15 Women Confess Their Vagina Horror Story


Genitals are the most delicate organ of human body, and one should not experiment down there especially women, as they are more likely to get hurt or harm their vagina in their everyday life. Here are 12 signs that your Vagina is unhealthy, and needs your attention.