Worst Reasons To Break Up

Saturday, Jun 20, 2020, 10:29 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Sickness, Physical and Mental

People get sick, they get depressed, they break a limb, this is because they are human. If you break up during this period, then you never loved them in the first place. It is clear that anyone who is suffering in anyway needs a loving partner to point them in the right direction. Or if they are physically ill, to stand by them and help, not walk away.

Sickness, Physical and Mental-Worst Reasons To Break Up


No matter how in love we are, we will find some people attractive. This is not reason to break up. Not for the person attracted to another, nor for the person who is freaked out by this fact. Love runs far deeper than mere attraction. If handled correctly you will both grow stronger.

Ops!-Worst Reasons To Break Up


Everyone has baggage. Meaning everyone has lived and accumulated issues with family, friends or other situations. Good luck on finding someone with no baggage. Of course people should tell you about their baggage before you make a commitment, then you can make a choice as to whether you can handle it or not. That is fair. Then you can work together with this knowledge.

Baggage-Worst Reasons To Break Up

4.Life Crises

They are having a mid-life crises. It is part of human development to have a crises at certain developmental points in one's life. Of course the issues they are suffering should be addressed, as a team. Being partners is all about being a team.

Life Crises-Worst Reasons To Break Up

5.They No Longer make You Happy

They no longer make you happy. Making you happy is a hard job for any partner. Most try their best most of the time. Ultimately it is up to you to make yourself happy.

They No Longer make You Happy-Worst Reasons To Break Up

6.Different Life Phases

Often couples break up because they are at different life stages. One might want to commit to a relationship and needs all the security of marriage. The other might not. The important thing is to remember that this does not mean there is no love in the relationship. You will both work to a point when you are both ready. It is up to you if you want to wait.

Different Life Phases-Worst Reasons To Break Up

7.Different Schedules

Perhaps you have vastly different schedules or one of you works away. This can be stressful on a relationship. It can work though so don't give up yet.

Different Schedules-Worst Reasons To Break Up

8.The Excitement Has Gone

Everyone feels attracted to their partner at first. This is the lovely crazy dizzy falling in love phase, when you feel butterfly's in your tummy. Over time this can lesson, but in its place are more important things like a deep friendship, a caring and lasting love and trust.

The Excitement Has Gone-Worst Reasons To Break Up

9.Breaking Up Over Pregnancy

You get an unexpected visitor. Women do fall pregnant it also sends them into a twirl. Don't break up because of this. Perhaps you weren't expecting this to happen, but it might all turn out really well. The question is, do you love her?

Breaking Up Over Pregnancy-Worst Reasons To Break Up

10.Breaking Up Because Of How They Look

People do change appearance. Sometimes we lose weight, sometimes we gain. That's life. If you leave your partner because of that, you never loved them in the first place. If he wont shave that beard you hate, talk, communicate, don't break up. In other words 'grow up'.

Breaking Up Because Of How They Look-Worst Reasons To Break Up

11.Breaking Up Because They Just Don't Do What They Should Do

Perhaps you have an idea of how a girlfriend or a boyfriend should be? Yet they so do not fit into that image. Society has one too. Each person is individual and perhaps the roles assigned to you as a person do not fit. Let your partner be who they are, they will love you heaps more for doing that.

Breaking Up Because They Just Don't Do What They Should Do-Worst Reasons To Break Up

12.Breaking Up When You Fight

Couples fight, it is normal. Never break up in a heated moment. Of course you are angry, of course you hate him or her at that moment! The moment passes. When couples fight it shows they have not communicated well enough to avoid a fight. Work on your communication. if one of you does break up during a fight, give that person time to cool down. They normally do!

Breaking Up When You Fight-Worst Reasons To Break Up

13.Breaking Up Because You Are Bored

All relationships take dedication, commitment and hard work. Sometimes the hard work part doesn't seem worth it. It seems easier to walk away. Walking away also has its own issues as does being single. Real love works through the issues and you both come out stronger for it.

Breaking Up Because You Are Bored-Worst Reasons To Break Up



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