15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 5:02 pm
By:James Fraser

If you are the only child in the family, this list will make you feel relieved instantly! If you have siblings, you will recall some of those horrifying moments you had during your childhood, caused by your siblings. Here are fifteen people who shared their horrific sibling stories. Check them now!
1.This Evil Sibling

Once, when my brother was super sick with a chest cold, he had a vaporizer running in his room. My parents went out for the evening, so naturally I peed in the vaporizer while he was asleep. When they came home and opened his door they were greeted by a fog cloud made of my urine. Don't worry, he was fine.

This Evil Sibling-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

2.This Nasty Incident

When we were young my little brother would fall asleep with his mouth open. My oldest brother would wait until he fell asleep and fart on his face. It was so nasty that he could literally taste the fart in his mouth and would wake up.

This Nasty Incident-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories

3.When Poop Calculation Gone Wrong

When I was 9, I was using the bathroom while my friend waited for me. My 4-year-old sister came up and said that she really needed to use it. My friend decided it would be hilarious to convince her to use the litter box instead. We thought that since she was small, her poop would be small and just look like normal cat poop. Sadly, we were very mistaken. Half the house reeked by the time my mom walked in and found the massive pile of poop just sitting there haphazardly covered with litter.

When Poop Calculation Gone Wrong-15 People Share Their Most Horrifying Sibling Stories


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