Weird Barbie Dolls

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 5:58 pm
By:Tony Williams

#5 Becky -The Wheelchair Bound Barbie

It's always great to create toys for all types of children. In 1997, Mattel created Becky - a doll who is wheelchair bound. The doll's box says "Share a Smile" Becky, but since when do people in wheelchairs don't smile? On top of that, a child with cerebral palsy pointed out that Becky and her wheelchair could not fit into Barbie's Dream house. So I guess while Skipper and Barbie played inside the house, Becky was stuck outside in the rain. So much for sharing a smile, huh Becky?

Becky -The Wheelchair Bound Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls