Weird Barbie Dolls

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 5:58 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Slumber Party Barbie

This is the 1965 Slumber Party Barbie, but it should have been called 'I Promote Anorexia Barbie.' Girls are supposed to bring pajamas, snacks, pillows and music to slumber parties, but not this gal. Sure some of her accessories align with slumber party gear, but the rest of them are just plain weird. For whatever reason, this Barbie came with a scale permanently set to 110 pounds and a book titled "Don't Eat." What a way to bring down a slumber party.

Slumber Party Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

2.Kissing Barbie

Kissing Barbie -teaching our youth that it's okay to put your lips everywhere and anywhere since 1979. This doll's lips pucker and make a kissing sound whenever a button on her body is pushed. She even came with her own liquid lipstick. Instead of playing Spin the Bottle to learn how to kiss; girls can just mimic this doll.

Kissing Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

3.Super Hair Barbie

Super Hair Barbie appears normal at first glance, but once you start doing her hair, she looks like a science project gone wrong. In the middle of this doll's head is a vertical rod to help youngsters convert her hair into all sorts of styles. The rod cannot be removed, so Barbie ends up looking like Frankenstein. Not to mention, there's probably one or two little girls out there who probably tried to stick a pencil in their scalp to emulate this doll's styles.

Super Hair Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

4.Shaving Fun Ken

Shaving Fun Ken hit the market in 1994. Even though Ken is a male, young girls are the ones who play with him, so it's weird that Mattel would develop a shaving doll. Young girls don't even shave, so why would they want to shave a boy? The doll isn't very realistic, as the 'shaver' has a sponge instead of a razor. The sponge makes Ken's beard 'magically' disappear once you use it with the foam included in the package.

Shaving Fun Ken-Weird Barbie Dolls

5.Double-Life Barbie

Barbie can be a police officer during the day and a party girl at night. This doll is great for girls who want to be officers when they grow up. The off part about this doll is the club outfit she comes with. The dress is so short that if a real girl wore it, you'd be able to see her lady parts. It's supposed to be a dress for a formal event, but that outfit is anything but formal.

Double-Life Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

6.Growing Up Skipper

In 1975, Mattel released Growing Up Skipper - a doll that would sprout breasts and increase in height (in her case length) when you turned her arm. The toy didn't go over well with parents and was eventually discontinued. I wonder how many kids suffered from broken arms in 1975, after trying to grow up just like Skipper.

Growing Up Skipper-Weird Barbie Dolls

7.Grandma and Grandpa Barbie

Mattel thought it would be a good idea to create a grandma and grandpadoll, but the problem is they look just like Barbie and Ken. The only difference is their hair color. It's as though Mattel didn't even try to age them in a realistic sense. And for some odd reason, their accessories are geared towards babies and kids. Where are their reclining chairs, newspapers and Sunday tea accessories? Bengay and Preparation H sold separately.

Grandma and Grandpa Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

8.Becky -The Wheelchair Bound Barbie

It's always great to create toys for all types of children. In 1997, Mattel created Becky - a doll who is wheelchair bound. The doll's box says "Share a Smile" Becky, but since when do people in wheelchairs don't smile? On top of that, a child with cerebral palsy pointed out that Becky and her wheelchair could not fit into Barbie's Dream house. So I guess while Skipper and Barbie played inside the house, Becky was stuck outside in the rain. So much for sharing a smile, huh Becky?

Becky -The Wheelchair Bound Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

9.Pooper Scooper Barbie

Forget about aspiring to be a doctor or lawyer, this Barbie spends her days cleaning up her dog, Tanner's poop. This Pooper Scooper Barbie is beyond weird. All of the doll's accessories are geared towards the dog. It even comes with plastic poop for her to clean up. Interestingly enough, Mattel did recall the doll. But not because of the theme; it was due to the magnets on the poop and scooper coming loose.

Pooper Scooper Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

10.Oreo Barbie

The doll creators over at Mattel must have missed a few history classes. In 1997, the brand released Oreo Barbie to help promote the famed sandwich cookie. The doll came in a Caucasian and African American version. The problem is that the word 'Oreo' is a derogatory term used to describe some who is Black on the outside but White on the inside. On top of that, no one in the world loves Oreos that much to be wearing clothes with the brand's name all over it like this Barbie appearing to be doing.

Oreo Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

11.Pregnant Barbie

Pregnancy is the last thing any little girl should be worried about. This 2002 Midge Barbie doll didn't just come with a baby that little girls could pretend she gave birth to. Instead, Mattel took things a step further and had the baby lying inside of Midge's stomach. All the kids had to do was remove her tummy and take out the baby. If child birth were that easy, then there would babies all over the place.

Pregnant Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls

12.Fat Barbie

In a country where the government seems to be overly concerned with childhood obesity, creating a doll like this does not help. This Fat Barbie promotes unhealthy eating habits. If the cheeseburger in her hand wasn't bad enough, the grilled t-sh!t just makes it seem like this doll is always the first in line at the nearest buffet table.

Fat Barbie-Weird Barbie Dolls



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