15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:55 am
By:Tony Williams

All crimes need not be evil or violent. Crimes can be weird, funny, silly and stupid too! Many times in the past, police has arrested people for doing dumb crimes. Such offenses are so silly that they make us laugh. Nonetheless, crime is a crime; even if it is beating your partner with a banana! Here are fifteen craziest crimes people have committed.
1.Run to jail

Two teenage boys made life easy after robbing a store. During their escape they decided to climb over a fence in order to get away from the police and it did appear that they were successful as the police decided to stop chasing them. However, they stopped chasing them because they had climbed over the fence for the local prison in their haste to get away. They were quickly arrested for robbery and being stupid.

Run to jail-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever
2.Scotch robber

A guy tried to rob a convenience store using a shotgun and he was successful in getting the cash register emptied into his bag. However, he also wanted a bottle of Scotch, but the employee refused saying he was not over 21 and would need to see ID. The robber agreed, showed his ID, then left with his money. The employee then called the police, gave them the name and address of the robber and he was arrested soon after.

Scotch robber-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever
3.Finger gun

Steven Richard King from Modesto, CA, decided he was going to rob a branch of the Bank of America. He got himself ready, went through what would happen, and burst in demanding money with the idea of using his fingers to pretend he had a gun. The only problem was that he did not keep his hand in his pocket, so there he was holding his fingers up trying to convince people he had a gun. He failed.

Finger gun-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

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