Most Haunted Places In The World

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:06 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Whaley House

The Whaley House, USA is said to be the one of the most haunted places in the world. Ghosts that inhabit the home include a young girl, a thief and the young red headed Whaley daughter who is claimed to be appearing in such a realistic form that tourist think she is real. It just scares me too much.

Whaley House-Most Haunted Places In The World

2.Raynham hall

Raynham Hall is also one of the most famous haunted places in the world as it is a saying that there is famous ghost of lady brown who was caught in a film which made her one of most authenticated ghost. She was tortured by her husband and died in a room in this hall.

Raynham hall-Most Haunted Places In The World

3.Tower of london

This Tower of London may be one considered as the most haunted place in the world. There are many scary stories and legends from Tower of London considering the fact that it has seen scores of murders and tortures take place in it. Henry VI and Arabella Stuart are one of most famous ghost of this fortress.

Tower of london-Most Haunted Places In The World

4.Haunted villa

You can't believe that this beautiful looking house is claimed to be home to at least 10 ghosts and also can be called as America's most haunted house. This place has been part of various documentaries and claimed that there is something spooky and haunted about this place.

Haunted villa-Most Haunted Places In The World

5.Scary mansion

There is a mansion which is called as "Australia's Most Haunted House" but it's real name is Monte Cristo. New name is given to it due to the spooky experiences of people like bodiless ghosts, phantom sounds and ghostly voices. It is said that even its owner never came out of the house after demise of her husband in 23 years. Now it is a tourist site with a museum.

Scary mansion-Most Haunted Places In The World

6.Screaming tunnel

There is another scary story about this Screaming Tunnel. It is said that a young girl was burnt by his father after losing her custody in a nasty divorce battle. Moreover, it is believed that a person can hear the endless screams of young girl dying if he stands in the middle of this tunnel and burn a wooden matchstick.

Screaming tunnel-Most Haunted Places In The World


This Bhangarh, India is a palace of a legend and cursed the fort that everyone would die who resides in it and their spirit would get imprisoned in the palace forever without rebirth. I really admire the people who took the courage to visit this palace to take the horror experience for lifetime.

Bhangarh-Most Haunted Places In The World

8.White house

It will surely break the dream of some people who wants to become the president of America. It is White house , a place where president of America have to live but Several people said to have witnessed the spirits of former presidents of America, latest one being Abraham Lincoln. So now tell me "Who still wants to be the president of America?"

White house-Most Haunted Places In The World

9.Scottish hills

This magnificent castle is a major attraction of tourist, offering panoramic view of Scottish hills and grassland. Many visitors said to have reported ghost dogs, headless drummer and spirits of seven year French war prisoners. It will be really interesting to visit a place about which you have already listened too much scary stories

Scottish hills-Most Haunted Places In The World

10.High gate cemetery

There is a High Gate Cemetery, England which scores the most haunted places in United Kingdom. The old section of it is the part which adds to the spooky character with dark ambience, spooky Egyptian Avenues and Gothic architecture. It is said that as the night falls this place cemetery looks scarier.

High gate cemetery-Most Haunted Places In The World

11.Changi beach

: Are you people fond of scary stories? If yes, then I'm having one interesting scary story for you, there is Changi Beach, Singapore. It was once used as popular killing ground of Chinese soldiers by Japanese during Second World War. The strange screaming and crying of Chinese soldier have been reported by the people who visited there.

Changi beach-Most Haunted Places In The World

12.Bermuda triangle

Guys! Have you ever heard about Bermuda Triangle? This is formed by the boundaries of Miami, Bermuda and San Juan off the southern Atlantic Coast of United States. I also have heard that it is known as Devil's Triangle due to the mysterious disappearance of over 17 ships, boats and planes.

Bermuda triangle-Most Haunted Places In The World



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