Male To Female Transformations

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 3:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

This might come as surprise to many netizens that Bruce Jenner was not the first one to have a sex change. There had been many male to female transformations in recent years that no one talks about because they are not as much popular as the Kardashians. Here are 13 males who have undergone sex change operation to become a female for the rest of their life.
1.It Really Is Quite Simple.

For some changing from male to female is as simple as adding false eyelashes and a wig. As this very handsome or is it beautiful women shows? Just goes to show there could be a beautiful woman inside of every man!

It Really Is Quite Simple.-Male To Female Transformations
2.Make-up Magic

The beautiful heavy browed blue eyed brunette on the left would look comfortable in a Vogue magazine. Nothing at all how she looked a few hours ago as a burly chap with a 5oclock shadow. Never underestimate the power of make-up.

Make-up Magic-Male To Female Transformations


Some people just look hot and convincing whoever they are. This transsexual looks great as a male or a female. Or is it the camera angles?

Gifted-Male To Female Transformations

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