Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 8:59 am
By:Tony Williams

Cartoon fails are very common. Cartoon creators don't don't refer physics when creating cartoons. But sometimes this negligence of creators can make their cartoons look like a terrible fail. Here 12 greatest cartoon fails ever.
1.He changes color

Now this is something that is undoubtedly going to confuse you because how can Aladdin manage to change color between the beginning and the end of the movie? Did they run out of a certain color on the computer screen that he was drawn onto or something?

He changes color-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

2.Clever coyote

One of the best things about a cartoon is that anything is possible as can be seen here. The poor old coyote is actually very clever with the way he comes up with things, but sadly this just makes no sense and it is, therefore, a fail.

Clever coyote-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

3.Bad Disney!!

This has to be somebody at Disney having a laugh? There is no way that this could have appeared completely innocently because it is so obvious as to what people are going to pick up on as soon as they see this cartoon for the first time.

Bad Disney!!-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

4.Is Spiderman gay?

Some people have always had their suspicions about different superheroes as to their sexuality and this just seems to confirm some of those concerns. It is just the way in which Spiderman is quite forthcoming and perhaps it is time to just give them some space.

Is Spiderman gay?-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

5.That is a magazine?

Well you learn something new every single day and the thing today is that in cartoon world there is a magazine called Hot Rape. That is just seriously wrong and how did they manage to get away with it? Surely somebody down the line would have picked up on this?

That is a magazine?-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever


Well no wonder Spiderman likes to wear a mask all of the time because it is more than likely an attempt to cover up his shame at what goes on under his door. Hell how can he now face her the next morning when he comes down for breakfast?

Eeeewwwww-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

7.Is that coming out of his butt?

This entire thing just looks far too suspicious for its own good and it is no wonder that he has that look on his face. However, the biggest issue is how all of that was hidden away because he isn't that long is he?

Is that coming out of his butt?-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

8.So wrong on so many levels

Just what on earth was the illustrator thinking when they did this scene? It is not just the position, but it is also the expression on the face of the guy because he is just putting far too much into all of this for it to be healthy.

So wrong on so many levels-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

9.Oh we all knew he was gay

Well there is so much going on in this single frame that it is just a hotbed of gayness in all honesty. Put it this way, you do not want to see what they ended up doing later on because the sexual tension simply became unbearable.

Oh we all knew he was gay-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

10.What noise???

OK so cartoon comics need to write down noises in order to create some atmosphere, but surely this is taking it a bit too far? They could have easily picked a whole host of other noises to make, but instead they went for the sexual.

What noise???-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

11.Looks painful

Well this just looks painful beyond description and you have to feel sorry for Spiderman due to him being subjected to such an assault. How this got beyond the editor is perhaps the biggest fail in all of this because surely it is not right?

Looks painful-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

12.This cannot be legal

You know something, at times there are images that just do not need to be explained. This is one of those images, so just let your mind think all on its own.

This cannot be legal-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever



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