15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:13 am
By:Mike Litzler

Some people shouldn't use Facebook or any social media website for that matter. These dumb people really don't know what to post and what not to post on Facebook. They keep embarrassing their friends and family members with their stupid and ignorant messages. Facebook is a perfect place to share your pictures, updates or whatever but it's NOT a place to showcase your dumbness. Check these fifteen people who are exposing their ignorance and immaturity right on their Facebook profiles. 
1.Squirrel a reptile? lol

Dolphins and Squirrels are reptile? looks like the Animal taxonomy needs to be modified, I am pretty sure she is just an 8 yo. Well, at least she has smart friends who can correct her :P

Squirrel a reptile? lol-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook
2.Why doesn't water in south pole fall off in space?

How come water on the bottom of the Earth( at the south pole) doesn't fall off the earth and go into space? This is one of the stupidest question ever asked on Facebook I guess, this lady must have left school before completing her grade 3.

Why doesn't water in south pole fall off in space?-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

3.American Flag And Parrot!

We can't tell if the guy is an American or not, but we are convinced the he is indeed a dopey! Apparently, he is calling the bald eagle in the picture a weird parrot. Oh man, this guy just took stupidity to an all new level. Well, a toddler can easily differentiate an eagle from a parrot. This post embarrasses his parents and friends more than him! He is exactly the kind of person who needs to shut their mouth, at least on social media. Keep reading. More lame and moronic Facebook posts ahead!  

American Flag And Parrot!-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook


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