Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

Saturday, Sep 19, 2020, 8:59 am
By:Tony Williams

Cartoon fails are very common. Cartoon creators don't don't refer physics when creating cartoons. But sometimes this negligence of creators can make their cartoons look like a terrible fail. Here 12 greatest cartoon fails ever.
10.What noise???

OK so cartoon comics need to write down noises in order to create some atmosphere, but surely this is taking it a bit too far? They could have easily picked a whole host of other noises to make, but instead they went for the sexual.

What noise???-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever
11.Looks painful

Well this just looks painful beyond description and you have to feel sorry for Spiderman due to him being subjected to such an assault. How this got beyond the editor is perhaps the biggest fail in all of this because surely it is not right?

Looks painful-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever

12.This cannot be legal

You know something, at times there are images that just do not need to be explained. This is one of those images, so just let your mind think all on its own.

This cannot be legal-Greatest Cartoon Fails Ever