15 People Who Were Buried Alive

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020, 4:05 pm
By:James Fraser

Being buried alive is one of the most horrible feelings a human being can ever face. When you are buried alive, you can't breathe or break free. As you struggle to breathe, your body runs out of oxygen creating indescribable pain throughout the body, and make you helplessly beg for death. Yes, those few moments of deep suffocation are highly painful.
Unfortunately, many people were buried alive throughout the history because of a mistake, or as a result of a crime or a punishment. Here are fifteen people who were buried alive.
1.Jessica Lunsford

Jessica Lunsford was just a nine year old girl from North Carolina, when a sex offender kidnapped her from her home, raped her repeatedly and buried her alive. Jessica Lunsford died from suffocation. The murderer buried her in a hole and covered that with leaves. When police found Jessica's dead body, her body was severely decomposed.

Jessica Lunsford-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

2.Neysi Perez

This is another horrifying and sad story, where a pregnant teenager was buried alive by their parents. Neysi Perez was a 16 year old teen pregnant from Honduras who was dead very recently because she might have been buried alive. Neysi Perez had a severe panic attack when she heard a gunfight on street to which she felt panic and collapsed. She was rushed to a local hospital where the family was told the girl has been dead. The family broke the tomb and opened that to find scratches on the coffin's glass. Neysi Mother told that the girl's body was warm when they reopened the coffin.

Neysi Perez-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

3.Gale Benson

Gale Benson was daughter of British Conservative Party MP Leonard Plugge. She was a model and a socialite. She married a 'black power' activist named Hakim Jamal who was a follower of Michael X, leader of Racial Adjustment Action Society. Michael X and his men killed Gale Benson by attacking her with a cutlass. They then buried her alive in a hole. As per autopsy report, she died because of suffocation as they found traces of mud and dirt in her lungs.

Gale Benson-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

4.Shakereh Khaleeli

Shakereh Khaleeli was a member of a very wealthy Indian family hailing from Bangalore. She too was buried alive in a coffin like box right in the premises of her home. She was killed by her second husband. When police found her dead body it was almost decomposed. Police found scratches inside the box which were caused by her nails, while she was struggling inside the box for life.

Shakereh Khaleeli-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

5.Essie Dunbar

In 1915, a 30 year old lady named Essie Dunbar was pronounced dead after she had a severe epilepsy attack. Doctors confirmed she was dead and the family scheduled her funeral for the next day. The family was waiting for Essie Dunbar's sister, who was then out of the town. Essie's sister couldn't come back on time, and the family went ahead burying Essie Dunbar. When her sister was back, she asked the family to re-open the coffin so she can see her sister for one last time. When the family opened the coffin, Essie sat up and smiled at everyone!

Essie Dunbar-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

6.Mrs. Boger

This is a truly horrifying incident which happened in 1983. A lady named Mrs. Boger was dead due to unknown reasons. Doctors confirmed she was dead and the family immediately arranged funeral and completed all formalities. After few days, a friend of Mrs. Boger met Mr. Boger and told him that Mrs. Boger used to suffer from hysteria and psychological problems when she was young. Mr. Boger had a doubt in his mind, and he decided to open the coffin. When he opened the coffin, he found Mrs. Boger's body was turned over. The glass lid of coffin was broken. There were scratches of nails all over. He also found her nails completely missing. It was presumed that she might have chewed off her fingers.

Mrs. Boger-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

7.An Unnamed Russian Blogger

Back in 2010, there was an odd trend in Russia where youngsters bury themselves in coffins for a day or two hoping to get some luck. It was widely believed that doing so will bring them good luck for the rest of their lives. A young blogger from Russia tried the same thing. His friend set him up in a coffin (with an air vent) which was placed two feet under the ground. All this guy posses inside the casket was a bottle of water. When the friend went there next day and opened the coffin, he found his friend was no longer alive. There was a heavy rain the night before which blocked the air vent because of mud. He was dead due to suffocation.

An Unnamed Russian Blogger-15 People Who Were Buried Alive


8.Stephen Small

In 1987, Stephen Small, an Illinois based media heir was kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin three feet underground. He was kidnapped by a 30 year old man named Danny Edwards and his girlfriend, demanding big money from Stephen Small's family as ransom. The couple provided him light, air and water via tubes. Stephen was later died because of failure of the tubes.

Stephen Small-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

9.Mr. Cornish

Mr. Cornish was Mayor of Bath (a city in UK). He died from fever, and was buried immediately. When the gravediggers were halfway done digging the grave, they heard moans coming from the coffin. When the gravediggers opened the casket, they found Mr. Cornish to be dead again. He was alive at a point and was dead because of suffocation.

Mr. Cornish-15 People Who Were Buried Alive


10.Sipho William MdLetshe

Sipho William Mdletshe was a South African man who was buried alive in a coffin but survived. Sipho and his wife met with a severe car accident, where Sipho was badly injured. Onlookers confirmed he was dead, and he was put in a hospital morgue. After spending two days in morgue, Sipho woke up inside the box and started screaming. People who were working near morgue heard him and saved him.

Sipho William MdLetshe-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

11.Philomele Jonetre

In 1867, a 24 year old French woman named Philomele Jonetre caught up with cholera. Very soon, she was pronounced dead. Back in those days, there wasn't a wider access of advanced medical technology that helps people conclude whether or not someone is dead. People used to put a candle near the nose of the sick person to check if the person is breathing. She was buried in a coffin, which was re-opened sixteen hours after. Though there were signs of life, they didn't last longer. She was formally announced dead the next day, and was buried again.

Philomele Jonetre-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

12.Chiara Paez

Chiara Paez was a fourteen year old girl from Argentina who was beaten and buried alive by her boyfriend. She was a teen pregnant who was killed by her boyfriend for unknown reasons. Her boyfriend Manuel Manlissa buried her alive in his back garden. This murder triggered country-wide protests in Argentina. Manuel Manlissa was arrested by police.

Chiara Paez-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

13.Octavia Smith Hatcher

In 18th century, Pinkville town of Kentucky was hit by an unknown disease that made many people sick. Octavia Smith Hatcher was a young woman living in the town who went into deep depression followed by the demise of her beloved son. She went into a coma stage, where her family thought she was dead. After few weeks, the people of Pinkville were recovering from the coma type sickness. Octavia Smith Hatcher's husband dug her grave up only to find he was too late to open it. He erected a statue of her which is there even for today.

Octavia Smith Hatcher-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

14.Mina El Houari

Mina El Houari was a young French woman. She traveled to Fez, Morocco to meet her boyfriend and have her first date. Everything was fine until she fell unconscious mid date. Can you guess what the boyfriend has done? Instead of taking her to hospital, he decided to bury her in his garden. When Mina's parents complained to police, they tracked her boyfriend down and arrested him on murder charges.

Mina El Houari-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

15.Angelo Hays

In 1937, a man named Angelo Hays was riding a bike and hit a wall with his head first. He was badly injured that everyone around the spot declared he was dead. His father buried him in no time. Angelo Hays was insured only weeks before that incident happened. Insurance company asked police to investigate as the company thought something was suspicious. When police officers dig up the grave and open the coffin, they found Angelo Hays alive with little life left.

Angelo Hays-15 People Who Were Buried Alive



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