15 People Who Were Buried Alive

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:05 pm
By:James Fraser

Being buried alive is one of the most horrible feelings a human being can ever face. When you are buried alive, you can't breathe or break free. As you struggle to breathe, your body runs out of oxygen creating indescribable pain throughout the body, and make you helplessly beg for death. Yes, those few moments of deep suffocation are highly painful.
Unfortunately, many people were buried alive throughout the history because of a mistake, or as a result of a crime or a punishment. Here are fifteen people who were buried alive.
1.Jessica Lunsford

Jessica Lunsford was just a nine year old girl from North Carolina, when a sex offender kidnapped her from her home, raped her repeatedly and buried her alive. Jessica Lunsford died from suffocation. The murderer buried her in a hole and covered that with leaves. When police found Jessica's dead body, her body was severely decomposed.

Jessica Lunsford-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

2.Neysi Perez

This is another horrifying and sad story, where a pregnant teenager was buried alive by their parents. Neysi Perez was a 16 year old teen pregnant from Honduras who was dead very recently because she might have been buried alive. Neysi Perez had a severe panic attack when she heard a gunfight on street to which she felt panic and collapsed. She was rushed to a local hospital where the family was told the girl has been dead. The family broke the tomb and opened that to find scratches on the coffin's glass. Neysi Mother told that the girl's body was warm when they reopened the coffin.

Neysi Perez-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

3.Gale Benson

Gale Benson was daughter of British Conservative Party MP Leonard Plugge. She was a model and a socialite. She married a 'black power' activist named Hakim Jamal who was a follower of Michael X, leader of Racial Adjustment Action Society. Michael X and his men killed Gale Benson by attacking her with a cutlass. They then buried her alive in a hole. As per autopsy report, she died because of suffocation as they found traces of mud and dirt in her lungs.

Gale Benson-15 People Who Were Buried Alive


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