15 People Who Were Buried Alive

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020, 4:05 pm
By:James Fraser

Being buried alive is one of the most horrible feelings a human being can ever face. When you are buried alive, you can't breathe or break free. As you struggle to breathe, your body runs out of oxygen creating indescribable pain throughout the body, and make you helplessly beg for death. Yes, those few moments of deep suffocation are highly painful.
Unfortunately, many people were buried alive throughout the history because of a mistake, or as a result of a crime or a punishment. Here are fifteen people who were buried alive.
4.Shakereh Khaleeli

Shakereh Khaleeli was a member of a very wealthy Indian family hailing from Bangalore. She too was buried alive in a coffin like box right in the premises of her home. She was killed by her second husband. When police found her dead body it was almost decomposed. Police found scratches inside the box which were caused by her nails, while she was struggling inside the box for life.

Shakereh Khaleeli-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

5.Essie Dunbar

In 1915, a 30 year old lady named Essie Dunbar was pronounced dead after she had a severe epilepsy attack. Doctors confirmed she was dead and the family scheduled her funeral for the next day. The family was waiting for Essie Dunbar's sister, who was then out of the town. Essie's sister couldn't come back on time, and the family went ahead burying Essie Dunbar. When her sister was back, she asked the family to re-open the coffin so she can see her sister for one last time. When the family opened the coffin, Essie sat up and smiled at everyone!

Essie Dunbar-15 People Who Were Buried Alive

6.Mrs. Boger

This is a truly horrifying incident which happened in 1983. A lady named Mrs. Boger was dead due to unknown reasons. Doctors confirmed she was dead and the family immediately arranged funeral and completed all formalities. After few days, a friend of Mrs. Boger met Mr. Boger and told him that Mrs. Boger used to suffer from hysteria and psychological problems when she was young. Mr. Boger had a doubt in his mind, and he decided to open the coffin. When he opened the coffin, he found Mrs. Boger's body was turned over. The glass lid of coffin was broken. There were scratches of nails all over. He also found her nails completely missing. It was presumed that she might have chewed off her fingers.

Mrs. Boger-15 People Who Were Buried Alive