Worst Facebook Parent Fails

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 10:12 am
By:Tony Williams

Being a parent is probably the most awesome feeling in the world but it comes with great responsibility. Taking care of kids is not an easy job. So if you are unmarried and thinking of having kids then we advise you to think twice before having kids otherwise things like these happen when you become a irresponsible parent. Here are 12 Facebook parent fails ever.
7.That's Where I Came From?

This little boy seems mesmerized by the site he sees before him. He must be remembering that's where he came from and maybe he wants to go back rather than live with this woman as his mother until he is eighteen years old. It's so sad to see the confusion on his face.

That's Where I Came From?-Worst Facebook Parent Fails
8.Twerking Mama

It's bad enough that this mother is teaching her child to twerk, but to tweet it as if she is proud of it is just wrong. Why on earth would she want to teach a small child a sexy move that is trashy and so wrong for any woman to be doing. Now it's on camera for her to see when she is older. How nice.

Twerking Mama-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

9.Kids Copy

It looks like this little boy is pulling up his shirt to do the same thing as his mother. Granted, she has amazing abs, but should she really be doing this in front of her little boy. He will grow up to objectify woman and think it's okay to only value women on their bodies.

Kids Copy-Worst Facebook Parent Fails