12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:01 am
By:James Fraser

Trying the backdoor isn't as bad as one may think! Hey, we aren't advocating anal sex here, but trying to shed some light on it. Most men have a deep desire to infiltrate their partners' rear whereas most women try their best to save their "brownie dispensers" from intrusions! For gay men, the butthole is a lifeline, and for girls who are trying to protect their virginity for some reasons, the poophole is a loophole! Hey, read these 12 "asstonishing" reasons to know why knocking the back door isn't a bad idea! Everything you need to know about anal sex is right here. 
4.It's Tighter Than Vagina

Anal canal is lot tighter than Vagina. Of course, it has to be that tight to hold that shit together - literally! Now, this extra stiffness is what turns men on. Since the butthole is very tight, it clutches the penis very firmly, offering more friction, which further causes more sensation. A girl loses her vaginal tightness as she grows older, making her man barely feel any sensation. Though it isn't as resilient as the vagina, anus offers more control for men to stay on top of the game. Many men describe the backdoor as the best place their tool can ever be!

It's Tighter Than Vagina-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

5.Guys Have Some Surprises Too

Do you know men have a G-spot too? Nature or evolution (whatever you name it) has hidden the male G-spot in their ass! Anatomically speaking, it isn't precisely located inside a man's bum, but it is only accessible through it. The male G-spot is an exocrine gland named prostate, which produces a slightly alkaline white fluid that surrounds sperm cells to provide them longer life and better mobility. Anal sex or prostrate massaging helps men get extended and intense orgasms. Wait, you don't have to be a gay to experience the prostate pleasure! You can buy your girlfriend a strap-on dildo!  Scared, eh? Well, that's exactly how your partner feels when you ask her for butt sex!

Guys Have Some Surprises Too-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

6.A Good Way To Have Fun Without Losing Virginity

Some girls genuinely prefer saving their virginity while many others just put a fictional stop sign on their cooter because they find no takers! Forget the junk and let's talk only about those girls who legitimately seal their tunnel to heaven for spiritual or other reasons. This binder often forces them to stay away from having sexual fun. If they want their meat wallet unopened but want to experience what it feels like to take a man inside, doing it in the backdoor is the way to go! Hey, it is a very common practice in many moderate countries in the world.

A Good Way To Have Fun Without Losing Virginity-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot