Worst Parenting Fails

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 4:14 pm
By:Tony Williams

4.Father Feeding Baby with his Foot

Even a baby shouldn't have to smell feet while they're eating. Seeing as his house is a mess, taking time out to feed a baby would be too much work for this guy. No decent parent is going to risk their child choking or consuming too much air by feeding them this way. Both he and the person behind the camera aren't too bright, and from the looks of things, this baby might be on their own in a couple of years.

Father Feeding Baby with his Foot-Worst Parenting Fails
5.Reversed Roles

This guy is not at the point in his life where needs to be fed by someone else. He's too busy enjoying his beverage to go and put some clothes on the child. The can is three times bigger than the kid's hands; so it's only a matter of time before he loses his grip on the can and gives dear old dad a frothy shower.

Reversed Roles-Worst Parenting Fails

6.Backseat Baby

If you look up the word 'oblivious in the dictionary, you'd see this guy as the definition. He put the baby on his back before he left home, and obviously forgot he had them there. He just had to sit down, and in doing so he's putting all his weight on the poor baby. Then to top it all off, he's too busy playing with his cell phone to stop and think about his actions. Subways have hard seats, so he should have noticed something was off from the moment he sat down. I know who won't be getting 'Father of the Year' this year.

Backseat Baby-Worst Parenting Fails