Worst Parenting Fails

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:14 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Baby or Phone

You have to be a true unfit mother to choose your cell phone over your baby. Her preoccupation with the phone is probably what led to the stroller spilling over. Instead of dropping the phone and running to her child's aid; she decided to keep on yapping while slowly helping her baby off the pavement.

Baby or Phone-Worst Parenting Fails
2.Smoking Pregnant Woman

This photo is a double parenting fail. Children can be snatched up in a matter of moments; therefore this woman's decision to have her young son walk behind her is just negligent. On top of that, she's already screwing with the life of her unborn child. You have to be an extremely selfish person to not be able to quit smoking for nine months to ensure that your baby is healthy.

Smoking Pregnant Woman-Worst Parenting Fails

3.Baby on a Leash

Holding your child's hand must be a thing of the past. Leashes are for dogs, not children. This concept of 'child leashes' isn't anything new. However, the length of this particular leash is so short that by the time this guy takes one step, he's walking next to the boy anyway. This is just pure laziness at best. In other words, pay attention to your kid and you won't need a leash.

Baby on a Leash-Worst Parenting Fails

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