Worst Parenting Fails

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 4:14 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Baby or Phone

You have to be a true unfit mother to choose your cell phone over your baby. Her preoccupation with the phone is probably what led to the stroller spilling over. Instead of dropping the phone and running to her child's aid; she decided to keep on yapping while slowly helping her baby off the pavement.

Baby or Phone-Worst Parenting Fails

2.Smoking Pregnant Woman

This photo is a double parenting fail. Children can be snatched up in a matter of moments; therefore this woman's decision to have her young son walk behind her is just negligent. On top of that, she's already screwing with the life of her unborn child. You have to be an extremely selfish person to not be able to quit smoking for nine months to ensure that your baby is healthy.

Smoking Pregnant Woman-Worst Parenting Fails

3.Baby on a Leash

Holding your child's hand must be a thing of the past. Leashes are for dogs, not children. This concept of 'child leashes' isn't anything new. However, the length of this particular leash is so short that by the time this guy takes one step, he's walking next to the boy anyway. This is just pure laziness at best. In other words, pay attention to your kid and you won't need a leash.

Baby on a Leash-Worst Parenting Fails

4.Father Feeding Baby with his Foot

Even a baby shouldn't have to smell feet while they're eating. Seeing as his house is a mess, taking time out to feed a baby would be too much work for this guy. No decent parent is going to risk their child choking or consuming too much air by feeding them this way. Both he and the person behind the camera aren't too bright, and from the looks of things, this baby might be on their own in a couple of years.

Father Feeding Baby with his Foot-Worst Parenting Fails

5.Reversed Roles

This guy is not at the point in his life where needs to be fed by someone else. He's too busy enjoying his beverage to go and put some clothes on the child. The can is three times bigger than the kid's hands; so it's only a matter of time before he loses his grip on the can and gives dear old dad a frothy shower.

Reversed Roles-Worst Parenting Fails

6.Backseat Baby

If you look up the word 'oblivious in the dictionary, you'd see this guy as the definition. He put the baby on his back before he left home, and obviously forgot he had them there. He just had to sit down, and in doing so he's putting all his weight on the poor baby. Then to top it all off, he's too busy playing with his cell phone to stop and think about his actions. Subways have hard seats, so he should have noticed something was off from the moment he sat down. I know who won't be getting 'Father of the Year' this year.

Backseat Baby-Worst Parenting Fails

7.Baby Licks Electric Blender

Licking the spoon or bowl after your parent has made a cake is nothing out of the norm, but this method of doing it surely is. No child should even be near an electric device unsupervised much less putting their tongue on it. If that little girl hits the wrong button, a messy cake beater will be the least of her parents' worries.

Baby Licks Electric Blender-Worst Parenting Fails

8.Baby Pin-up Photographer

There's no sense in using a tripod when you have your young child around. There is nothing wrong with having a child take your picture so you can remember a special moment or outfit. However, when you're dressed like the woman in the photo above, you're better off just drawing a photo of what you think you look like. The pose, environment and outfit are all just a big fat fail.

Baby Pin-up Photographer-Worst Parenting Fails

9.Baby Carrier

This must be the new way to save money on a stroller. These kids are hiding out in a pet carrier; meanwhile the pet the unit is meant for is nowhere to be seen. When you treat your pets better than your kids, it's time to reevaluate your parenting skills.

Baby Carrier-Worst Parenting Fails

10.Microwavable Baby

This is a prime example of why some people shouldn't have children. You have to be missing a few chromosomes to think putting a newborn inside a microwave is funny. The photographer is too busy snapping a photo to even care that the baby is wailing its head off. Additionally, the person actually thought it was a smart idea to share the picture online. Where's CPS when you need them?

Microwavable Baby-Worst Parenting Fails

11.Baby Hangs from a Tree

Someone thought it would be funny to hang this baby from a tree. But going by the look on the child's face, he is not pleased. The adults might be a couple of feet away from the kid, but it only takes a couple of seconds for that branch to break and send the child tumbling to the ground. On top of this being a completely ridiculous idea, the child looks scared.

Baby Hangs from a Tree-Worst Parenting Fails

12.Raunchy Selfie with Child Around

Rule No. 1 if you're going to take a provocative selfie, at least make sure there are no children around. This woman just couldn't wait until the child's nap time to take a photo. The only redeeming thing about this photo is the mere fact that she's actually covering herself. The child doesn't seem fazed by what the woman is doing, so it's probably a normal thing in that household.

Raunchy Selfie with Child Around-Worst Parenting Fails

13.Baby Popping Liquor Bottles

Drinking alone is never a good sign, but neither is having a child as a drinking buddy. Of course there's no proof that he had a drink, but to even have a child holding a bottle of alcohol in their hands is just a dumb idea. Even the child looks like he's saying "what am I doing?"

Baby Popping Liquor Bottles-Worst Parenting Fails

14.Duct Tape Baby

This is probably the most interesting way to keep a child out of the way. The time it took this person to tape this child on the wall, could have been spent singing them to sleep. The worse part of this whole scenario is that the tape is nowhere near to being secure. If this child uses the bathroom just once, the additional weight is going to make them drop to the floor. At least they were nice enough to tape the child's stuffed duck to the wall so they could have some company.

Duct Tape Baby-Worst Parenting Fails

15.Baby Sandwich (Photo via EpicFail.com)

There's always that one parent who wants to use their child as a prop in photos. This guy thought it would be funny to place a baby (who doesn't look more than four months old) between two slices of bread. He then pretends as though he's going to eat the baby. The poor tot is crying, but that makes no difference to this guy as long as he gets a "funny" picture out of it.

Baby Sandwich (Photo via EpicFail.com)-Worst Parenting Fails

16.Kid Stuck In a Freezer

This photo gives a whole new meaning to putting a child on a time out. The photo looks harmless until you spot the child trapped in the supermarket freezer. The child could have been playing with the items and accidentally shut the door or someone could have put him in there. It's not clear whether or not the four people (the fourth being the person behind the camera) actually know the child in the freezer. But one of them could have been nice enough to let him out.

Kid Stuck In a Freezer-Worst Parenting Fails

17.Dad being stupid

This guy is either retarded or has forgotten that he has his daughter on his head, I mean seriously how can someone be so stupid and ignorant at the same time, We wish a police officer take this guy to jail for being such a careless parent.

Dad being stupid-Worst Parenting Fails

18.Baby with a bong

With so many laws against people smoking a bong below 18 years, This lady doesn't understands what law and parenting is really about. Even if she is doing this for fun, this is highly wrong! Things like this should be always away from children's reach, We hope she learns what parenting is all about and be a good and responsible parent one day.

Baby with a bong-Worst Parenting Fails



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