Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Downward dog

This stretch is going to work on your back with the belief that so much of the stress that you feel comes from this part of your body. The angle you end up getting to will vary depending on how often you do it and how flexible you are, but any time you attempt this pose should result in you feeling less stressed.

Downward dog-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

2.Upward arm stretch

This pose is best done when sitting on a chair as you need to sit upright and lift your arms up above your head. Push for the skies with your hands until you feel the stretch in your body and focus on your breathing while you hold the pose before relaxing.

Upward arm stretch-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

3.Dolphin pose

The dolphin pose is kind of like the advanced puppy pose, so you should only try it when you feel a bit more comfortable about your ability. This pose is fantastic at helping to quiet the mind and just relax your entire body rather than it being tense through stress.

Dolphin pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

4.Cat pose

While the puppy pose makes you curve your back in one direction, the cat poses pushes your spine upwards in the opposite way. The idea of this is that it will soothe and stretch your spine and remove the stress and tension in the muscles that can then have an impact on your entire body.

Cat pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

5.Puppy pose

The entire idea of this pose is to rather gently curve your spine inwards in order to slightly stretch all of your core. This pose is designed to work against the fact that when we are stressed we tend to hunch over and tighten our shoulders, so this will ease them.

Puppy pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

6.Legs up the wall

Yes this is an actual yoga pose and it is one that you should seriously consider doing in order to relieve stress. The pose is very easy to do, but it does indeed help to ease the stress that you feel throughout your entire body.

Legs up the wall-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

7.Extended triangle

By doing the extended triangle you will not only stretch your entire body, but also help to de-stress it in the process. People also claim that it can ease their anxiety as well as improve digestion due to the area that is being worked on.

Extended triangle-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

8.Corpse pose

Well this one is easy enough as you have to lie flat on your back in order to do it. The idea here is to try to completely relax your body and to not allow any part of it to feel tense in any way whatsoever. This is often done at the end of a routine and it is the perfect time for some contemplation.

Corpse pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

9.The eagle pose

This pose is slightly more difficult to do, but the entire aim of it is to not only work on your balance, but also on your levels of concentration. The idea is that if you can concentrate and focus more, then you can work on focusing away from the stress you are under.

The eagle pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

10.The standing forward bend

This pose is often used to move between more difficult ones in a class, but at the same time it is still going to put some pressure on your hamstrings and hips and will help to work some of the stress out of your body. It will just stretch things enough to make a real difference, but according to the experts you need to bend your knees to get the most out of it.

The standing forward bend-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

11.The bridge

The bridge is a fantastic pose for just getting rid of some of that stress and tension that is in your back and legs. People swear that it eases anxiety, headaches, and even help their insomnia, but most of all it should leave your body feeling very relaxed indeed.

The bridge-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress

12.Child's pose

This is one of the easiest yoga poses out there because it just gives you that chance to relax your body in a simple stretch and give you some space to go through whatever is on your mind. You will also find that it works wonders on the nervous system.

Child's pose-Simple Yoga Positions To Relieve Stress



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